“What More Pressure Could You Have Than Having Jay Z As Your Mentor?”

“What More Pressure Could You Have Than Having Jay Z As Your Mentor?”

[With his long-awaited Last Winter album finally available nationwide, Dreamville’s Bas talks to SOHH readers about having Roc Nation stud J. Cole as a mentor and reveals if there’s any added pressure.]

Honestly, there’s no pressure having J. Cole around. There hasn’t been because I think Cole, for the most part, has been really good at letting me come into my own as an artist and letting me figure things out.

He actually probably does the most to take the pressure off of me. He always gives me a great platform and he’s always mindful of telling me to just progress at my rate and make the music I want to make.

The beauty is Cole went through all of this. What more pressure could you have than having Jay Z as your mentor or being signed to Jay Z? I think in a sense, he was aware of that, so it’s not a big deal.

We have a lot of fun. We do a skit on the tours where it looks like we actually have an issue. For us, it’s pretty dope. It’s like a play. It’s really like acting and it’s the stuff we like to do. That’s just like a little scripted thing we have. Me and him get a kick out of it on the road.

I’ve kind of noticed sometimes I’ll do a meet-and-greet and fans will be like, ‘Man, why does Cole treat you so mean?’ I tell them he’s actually really cool. It’s been really cool to work with him. He’s very understanding to where a new artist is because he’s recently removed from that.

It’s only been five years for him. He’s not so far removed that he cannot relate to my position. He understands it and offers a ton of knowledge. He’s very mindful and he’ll let me know. There’s no pressure. We’re just making good music and building a fanbase.

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