“We’ll See Who The F*ck Wants To Hear What I’ve Got To Talk About”

“We’ll See Who The F*ck Wants To Hear What I’ve Got To Talk About”

With his How To Survive In A Recession book finally available, Houston’s Slim Thug recently talked to SOHH about the likelihood he will continue making a name for himself in the literary world.

Acknowledging the current trend of hip-hop artists like Prodigy and Jay-Z penning their own memoirs, Slim said he doubts a career writing literary works awaits him.

“[The trend of rappers writing books,] that’s dope. I read Jay-Z’s [Decoded] book, that was dope. I think that could be cool, we’ll see how it go,” Slim told SOHH when asked for his take on the growing trend of hip-hop authors. “We’ll see who the f*ck wants to hear what I’ve got to talk about. I’m not really that serious. I don’t really see my [How To Survive In A Recession] book being as seroius as those. I’m having a little more fun direction, being cool and trying to put a little comedy in there. I doubt if I’ll ever do something real serious with it.” (SOHH)

Last year, The Clipse’s No Malice also talked to SOHH about the growing trend of rappers-turned-authors.

“You can’t box hip-hop in, you just can’t do it,” Malice told SOHH. “Rappers and artists are just creative. Period. It’s just that we’ve chosen this avenue [of rapping] whether it’s because we’re just good at it or it sells and were fortunate enough to get a deal. It’s what we do. But you can’t box it in. Hip-hop culture does everything. You know what I’m saying? We’re good at a lot of things from writing books to cutting hair. So you can find us in any facet and I just think as time goes on, more and more doors are going to be opening. You’re going to keep seeing a lot of rappers as actors on the big screen like Common and Andre 3000. There’s nothing that we can’t do and I think that the world as a whole is becoming more and more open, showing us more avenues that we can decide to go down.” (SOHH)

Following its fall 2010 release, Jay-Z’s Decoded appeared on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Jay-Z is no stranger to sitting high on the charts when it comes to his music career, which makes the Brooklyn rapper’s No. 3 debut on ‘The New York Times’ Best Sellers list an expected achievement. The Roc Nation head honcho’s memoir ‘Decoded’ landed on the Hardcover Nonfiction edition of the newspaper’s Best Sellers list for the week of December 5. Coming in at the top of the list are George W. Bush‘s ‘Decision Points’ and Lauren Hillenbrand‘s ‘Unbroken.’ (The Boom Box)

Recently, Slim Thugga gave SOHH readers his top five reasons the new book is a must-have.

“My first reason is because it’s a funny book. It’s not just a straight-up guide to saving money or stacking up on how to save money in a recession. I’ve put a little bit of personality with it. It’s not like a book that you would go and find to learn more about stocks and bonds. It’s not going to help you with that. It’s more like fun to it. It’s more like a situation that a rapper would be in. Everything is natural. It couldn’t get more natural. This comes from a line I said in a song, “I’m going to make a book on how to survive in a recession.” From that line, I went to Jon Stewart show and they made a whole skit out of that. Then we also shot a video for it that they still play on MTV. It’s all about having fun and then people started anticipating the book. I wasn’t even serious about making no book. It was just a rap line but then I started seeing what I could do. I’m not making it rain in the club. Why waste 100 bottles when all I need is 1?” (SOHH 5 Reasons)

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