Webbie Denies Sexually Harassing “106 & Park” Host Rocsi [Video]

Webbie Denies Sexually Harassing “106 & Park” Host Rocsi [Video]

Louisiana rapper Webbie continues to defend his image after recently getting banned from further appearances on BET’s popular “106 & Park” program, courtesy of co-host Terrence J and denies speculation claiming he sexually harassed show sidekick Rocsi.

Along with denying having said anything inappropriate to Rocsi, Webbie said he is ready to move on from the hype.

“Nothing. You seen the picture,” Webbie told hip-hop personality Julia Beverly when asked what he told Rocsi which resulted in Terrence J announcing his ban. “That’s what I said — go look at the picture. He put his own words to that. You know what I’m saying? I’m not saying it in an arrogant way. … You can’t stop me from being black entertainment, man. Not no one person — you ain’t got enough power to call that shot. [What did the BET executives tell me?] They said, ‘Ah, don’t worry about that, man. Don’t worry about that little clown.’ But look, I’m trying to calm all that down, Julia, ’cause it got people talking about when they catch that boy outside, they’re gonna do [something]. You know, that’s how fans is, they’re crazy.” (Ozone Magazine)

A couple weeks ago, Webbie said he still supported BET despite the alleged ban.

“It ain’t nothing against me and BET. BET, I love BET, I’ve been watching BET all my life. I am BET, BET is black entertainment, you know what I’m saying?” Webbie explained in an interview. “That was some personal stuff, you know with Rocsi and Terrence you know, that’s his old lady I guess. Go look at the computer, look at the Vibe Magazine and that’s what happened…I didn’t never know her personally, I just know how we live and where we live and the picture just explains it all. I just say Terrence, get yo h*e man! … This ain’t got nothing to do with the millions of kids that I say stay in school. I make sure to say stay in school.” (WGCI)

Webbie recently took shots at Terrence and called him jealous.

“How can you tell me I’m not, I ‘am’ BET,” Webbie said in a video. “You looking at BET right now. So Terrence, I’m sorry your b*tch [co-host Rocsi] wanted me to put that d*ck on her. Get your h*e, man. Get your f*cking h*e man. Get your h*e man.” (Original Hollywood Films)

Terrence made headlines a week prior by publicly banning Webbie from “106 & Park” following his appearance on the weekday show as a guest judge.

“We would not like to thank Lil Webbie who is now banned from coming on the show. We will not be seeing him on ‘106 & Park’ anymore,” Terrence said following the show’s Freestyle Friday segment. (“106 & Park”)

Check out Webbie’s interview below:

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