“We Have An Everlasting Love For Each Other, It’s Beyond Music” [Video]

“We Have An Everlasting Love For Each Other, It’s Beyond Music” [Video]

Rap veteran Kool G Rap recently reflected on his relationship with fellow Queens emcee Nas and recalled acknowledging the hip-hop icon’s star power before the release of his renowned 1994 debut, Illmatic.

Speaking with DJ Vlad, G Rap said he once served as Nas’ mentor.

“Me and Nas, it’s not like we talk everyday, but it’s like, I got an everlasting love for Nas,” Kool revealed in an interview. “And I’m sure he feels the same way. Even though he lives his own life, he do what he do, same thing with me. I do what I do. We have an everlasting love for each other beyond just the music. I seen Nas as a young kid who showed so much promise that I wanted to help catapult him to where he should be. [I was working with Nas before his Illmatic debut]. Nas was coming to my condominium in Queens and laying down tracks in my 16-track studio. I was the only person that took notice of Nas, and [as well as] Large Professor. Matter of fact, I heard of Nas through Large Professor.” (Vlad TV)

Late last year, Nas gave G Rap a place in his Top 10 favorite lyricists list.

1. “My Downfall” – Notorious B.I.G., 1997 -The lyrics are about how he’s acing the shadows of death, despite all of his success, and he’s giving it to you in a way that makes it seem so real. 2. “If My Homie Calls” – 2Pac, 1991 -He’s just saying to his boys that he’s going to be a friend no matter how big he gets. 3. “Road To The Riches” – Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo, 1989 -The way we’re rhyming now? He was already doing it then. 4. “A Bird In The Hand” – Ice Cube, 1991 5. “Paid In Full” – Eric B. & Rakim, 1987 (Prefix Mag)

In fall 2010, Kool G spoke to SOHH about his affiliation with rap star Rick Ross.

“As far as my relationship with Rick Ross, that just happened, that’s how it built,” Kool G told SOHH. “Both of our managers bumped heads and they got to talking about who they represent and it was a mutual level of respect on both sides. So when Ross’ people reached out to him about G Rap, I guess his eyes lit up and vice versa. It was supposed to expand further into a business venture, but, it didn’t materialize. So we did a couple collabos together.” (SOHH)

Kool G also discussed his interest in working with emcees beyond the East Coast.

“I don’t do nothing regional,” Kool G added. “I don’t just try to keep things New York or East Coast, I was always a cat that could move around. On my past albums, I even left New York and recorded stuff in Cali. I’ve done records with artists like Scarface, Bushwick Bill on my albums and then I have Big Daddy Kane. So it’s not like I try to stay in a certain area or part of the country, none of that. I never got done like that.” (SOHH)

Check out Kool G Rap reflecting on Nas below:

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