Watch Out Chris Brown & Weeknd, Drake Goes Dark W/ “5 AM In Toronto” Music Vid

Watch Out Chris Brown & Weeknd, Drake Goes Dark W/ “5 AM In Toronto” Music Vid

Young Money’s Drake is making sure we realize his “5 AM In Toronto” is not one-and-done music by getting the cameras out for its accompanying music video.

Although details are still coming together, he reportedly shot the visual in Canada this week.

With “Started From the Bottom” still making waves on the charts, Drake went in front of the lens to shoot the video for “5AM in Toronto.” Wearing a throwback Cash Money Millionaires “Welcome to the Family” sweater, the Young Money rapper and his OVO crew took over the indoor sandbox court at Beach Blast in his hometown of Toronto earlier this week. The dark visuals called for black lights and bikini-clad girls, who posed as volleyball players. Drizzy shot one scene overlooking the sandy court with the Canadian flag in the background. Many basketball players were said to be on set as well. (Rap-Up)

Young Money president Mack Maine recently warned all of Drizzy’s wrath.

Mack Maine really got excited to talk about Drake’s new project. Yes, Aubrey took shots on the “5 AM in Toronto” record, and Mack said that’s just the beginning. “The worst thing you can do is get that dude mad because he creates music from his heart and off emotion too,” Mack told host Sway Calloway. “So when you get him mad … You saw what happened with the ‘5 AM in Toronto,’ and it’s more to follow. That dude is amazing, awesome.” Drake, who won the Best Rap Album Grammy for Take Care, has titled his third album Nothing Was the Same, and the ever-loyal Mack Maine said Drake has set the bar high. “Just know he won’t disappoint you,” Mack said. “He’s actually, if you can believe, he’s going to another level, taking it to another level. Like he said, ‘Tryna do like Lebron and win another one, tryna get another one.’ ” (MTV)

Released earlier this month, the Toronto native takes aim at MTV’s “Hottest MCs in the Game” list, estranged friend The Weeknd and more on “5 AM in Toronto.”

It seems Drizzy felt he should have been placed higher. Or rather, he just doesn’t even care about the list at all. He’s beyond rap lists, to hear him tell it. He says as much on his new cut, spitting: “I swear, f*ck them n*ggas this year/ I made Forbes list, n*gga / F*ck your list, everything’s lookin’ gorgeous.” Elsewhere, he takes shots at the Weeknd, whom he’s seemingly had a falling out with. “I show love, never get the same out of n*ggas/ Guess it’s funny how money can make change out of n*ggas/ For real, some nobody started feeling himself/ A couple somebodies started killing themself/ A couple albums dropped those are still on the shelf/ I bet them sh*t would have popped if I was willing to help.” (The Boom Box)

He also reportedly launches shots at one-time music rival Common, Chris Brown and Rihanna.

And there are thinly-veiled shots at Common: “I’m headed to the bank n*gga/ Sinatra lifestyle, I’m just being Frank, n*gga.” Addresses his beef with Chris Brown: “Bad press during the summer over allegations/ I ain’t lyin’, my n*gga, my time is money/ That’s why I ain’t got time for a n*gga who’s time is comin.” And his rumored romance with Rihanna: “Where you think she at when she ain’t with you?/ Wildin’, doin’ sh*t that’s way out of your budget/ Owl sweaters inside her luggage, you gotta love it/ D*mn, this sh*t could go on a tape.” (The Boom Box)

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