Warren G Regulates His Retirement, “I’m Going To Shut It Down”

Warren G Regulates His Retirement, “I’m Going To Shut It Down”

West Coast rap veteran Warren G has announced plans to begin plotting his retirement from album-making and focus solely on production.

If all goes accordingly, Warren’s upcoming Regulate the G-Funk Era…Pt. 2 will be his final album.

“If part 2 does as well as I think it is, I may do a three, but I’m not really trippin’. I’m thinking I’m just going to do part two and then I’m going to shut it down,” Warren explained. “Then just work with new artists, new young talent, because I know a few cats that I really want to work with. They know how to make good records; they know how to make songs. A lot of rappers can rap music, but they don’t know how to make a record. You can’t talk about rims and all this throwing up money, all that sh*t all the time.” (XXL Mag)

Warren believes West Coast artists, specifically, need to begin making more realistic raps.

Dre is an example of an artist that knows how to make a real record,” he added. “And I hope you all let this n*gga hear what I am saying about him. Send it to his people so he can understand and know that. He is an artist that knows how to make a good record, the Game is another. And a new cat, Kendrick Lamar. I heard some of his stuff and he knows how to make a good record. There’s a lot of artists that know how to make good records, but then you got a lot of motherf*ckers that’s just doing sh*t just to do it. And stupid sh*t too. Ain’t nobody trying to upgrade the next generation; nobody’s trying to help their generation understand that it’s not all about big rims and this, that and this.” (XXL Mag)

The rap veteran’s last album, The G Files, dropped on September 29th, 2009.

The G Files is the sixth studio album by Warren G. The album features guest performances from Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Cassie Davis and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker. The first single entitled, “Ringtone” was released June 8th, 2008. A second single entitled, “Crush” featuring singer Ray J was released July 27, 2008. (Wikipedia)

Outside of his music, Warren G recently talked about the unexpected death of singer Nate Dogg last March.

Luther Vandross did it and he had two strokes – maybe three – and he was able to do it,” Warren reasoned in an interview when asked if Nate Dogg would have returned to music. “I know that Nate would’ve gotten back on the mic. He was a strong cat. He was gearing more towards gospel. That’s what he was going more towards when he had the stroke. He has a choir that he put together.” (All Hip Hop)

There is no release date for Warren G’s upcoming Regulate the G-Funk Era…Pt. 2 as of now.

Check out some recent Warren G footage down below:

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