Wale Takes Credit For Making Jerry Seinfeld’s Wife Feel Good

Wale Takes Credit For Making Jerry Seinfeld’s Wife Feel Good

Maybach Music Group rapper Wale has provided some context on an upcoming joint project with iconic television star Jerry Seinfeld and confirmed the comedian’s wife ultimately brought them together.

While he would not dig too deep into the upcoming About Nothing addition, Wale did explain the fine line between comedy and the fine arts.

“Comedy’s art, man. The ability to make somebody feel something: that’s art,” Wale said. “However you look at it, whether you’re an author, a painter, a singer, a rapper, a spoken-word artist — art. So I see the art in the show. I see the art in the dialogue in the show, how you can conceptualize some of the conversations that they have on that show. It’s a lot of genius that goes into that, and I appreciate it.” (MTV)

The Washington, D.C. native also credited Jerry’s wife for helping them unite after a couple of his “Seinfeld”-inspired mixtapes.

hat took Wale from being a casual fan to an official collaborator was actually a little help from the woman of the house, Seinfeld’s wife, Jessica. “He said his wife is a big fan,” Wale said. “If the queen’s happy, the man’s happy, and the man’s happy, the land’s happy, so I’ll take it like that.” (MTV)

A few weeks ago, Wale hinted at putting both his retail album and underground effort together.

“I’m dropping my third solo album and then a couple months after that, I’m probably gonna drop the Nothing [mixtape] project,” Wale revealed in an interview. “I’m very creative. I’m knee-deep in that joint. It’s kind of like a personal thing. I design my records and the sound a certain way for two different projects. I’m not producing per se, but as far as orchestrating the sound and sequencing on the Nothin’ project. … [The album] will drop in the summer, summertime.” (Power 99 FM)

In January, Seinfeld revealed his involvement on Wale’s upcoming About Nothing mixtape project.

“I got the call from Wale and the deejay Omega here,” Jerry says in a video. “They called me to come in. I had to be here. If I’m going to do this, this is the guys I’m going to do it with. And now I did it and that’s it. … Well, Wale called me, he came to my show, we hung out a little bit and he wanted me to do something with him. I didn’t understand it but he did and I kinda liked the guy, I dug the guy. I listen to his music, I like his music. So I said, ‘I’ll do it,’ even though I didn’t know what I was going to do and I said to my wife, ‘I’m doing this thing with this guy, Wale.’ And she said, ‘Wale is my favorite hip-hop artist anywhere. I have every single thing.’ Somehow, she missed anything that had to do with me but has every other cut, everything else he has done.” (YouTube)

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