Wale Defends Going At NBA Announcer After Drake Jab [Video]

Wale Defends Going At NBA Announcer After Drake Jab [Video]

Maybach Music Group rapper Wale has stood behind his decision to confront an NBA announcer last night (February 19) during a Washington Wizards game following some dicey comments shot at him.

Tensions flared last night in Washington, DC when a broadcaster for the Toronto Raptors questioned Wale’s fame.

Never heard of the rapper Wale (pronounced WAH-lay)? No big deal. Neither have the Toronto Raptors broadcasters, who may have insulted the Washington native Tuesday night. Sitting courtside as his Washington Wizards played in Toronto, Wale was seen verbally jawing with Raptors star Rudy Gay. Then Raptors announcer Matt Devlin added his two cents, admitting he had never heard of the Grammy nominee. (Macleans)

To add insult to injury, the announcer reportedly jabbed Wale’s ego by claiming he does not sit amongst the ranks of hip-hop stars like Drake.

The Washington Wizards hosted the Toronto Raptors Tuesday where D.C. native, and rapper, Wale started some drama with Rudy Gay, and Raptors play-by-play announcer, Matt Devlin. It started when Wale was reportedly talking trash to Raptors forward, Rudy Gay, from his court side seat at the Verizon Center. Gay responded by motioning for Wale to call him (seen in video below) which prompted Devlin to talk about Wale – calling him a “local rapper”, making fun of his name, and saying “He’s not Drake, that’s for sure”. Wale didn’t take it so well. The rapper not only tweeted “shut your mouth” to the announcer, but approached him at their broadcast table. (Bossip)

Both announcer Matt Devlin and Wale addressed what took place following last night’s game.

“I was just introducing myself, that’s all,” Wale told me of his uninvited visit to the booth. “Nah, I wasn’t angry. I was like, you’re not from here, you don’t know. You don’t know.” The tape, and the fans sitting in the suite behind the booth, tell a different story. As you can see […] Wale didn’t seem too happy. The fans in the suite with front row seats to the incident (who did not want their names on record) told me that Wale was yelling “I heard what you said. That’s not cool.” I caught up with Devlin after the game, and he said any “yelling” was a product of the loud arena, and that any beef was Twitter’s fault. “You know what, we were making fun of ourselves. Making fun, because we’re not hip,” he told me. “Obviously people on Twitter and social media, it kind of took on a life of its own. So he came up, we started talking and there was nothing to it.” (Yahoo News)

The Washington, DC native even hopped onto Twitter to defend his actions.

“On the Internet when u defend urself ur criticized for being less of a man. There’s NO honor in defending yourself,or your name.,” he tweeted following Tuesday’s game.

“Somebody call u out your name . And you confront them . YOU wrong . So who u cheerin for the people who take insults in stride? Since when” (Wale’s Twitter)

Check out footage from the game:

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