Wale Breaks Silence On WWE Fight: “I Just Kind Of Mushed Him A Little Bit”

Wale Breaks Silence On WWE Fight: “I Just Kind Of Mushed Him A Little Bit”

Maybach Music Group’s Wale has come forward to speak out on making headlines last night (March 31) for a physical altercation he found himself in during a WWE wrestling event.

According to Wale, the incident stemmed from a Twitter user egging him on from the “Monday Night Raw” broadcast in Washington, DC.

“I was like, ‘Yo, is this you?’ And one thing lead to another, and I just kind of mushed him a little bit,” the rapper explained, stressing that things didn’t turn violent. “Honestly, if there wasn’t kids right there, it would have went a little bit differently, but I just wanted to be conscious of them. It’s not to say it was the right decision. But in the moment, you know.” (MTV)

The DMV-bred rapper also defended his publicized actions.

“People get it misconstrued,” he went on. “Like, ‘Oh, you’re so butt-hurt.’ It’s not even that. I come from a place where when we was at the lunch table and n—as was jonesing on each other, I’ll respond. I’m gonna have something better, too. And now we’ve come to a place where, if you respond, you’re a bitch. Somebody could say ‘F— you’ 100 times, if I say ‘f— you’ back, then I’m a bitch. And people be like, ‘You’re famous, you shouldn’t care.’ ” (MTV)

Details of the dicey incident started to circulate across the Internet late Monday (March 31).

Rap star Wale PUNCHED A GUY IN THE FACE at a WWE event Monday night — and judging by the way security rushed in to break it up, it appeared to be 100% REAL. It all went down at “Raw” in Washington D.C. — TMZ spoke with eyewitness Jawn Murray from AlwaysAlist.com who says Wale was sitting right behind the announcers enjoying the show … when some fan seated nearby began taunting the rapper. (TMZ)

Despite security rushing the scene, no arrests were made following the reported punch.

Murray says Wale eventually got up out of his seat and “the next thing I know Wale is putting the smackdown on dude. Punched him dead in his face. It was a full fight.” Security rushed over and broke up the fight — and took everyone involved into a hallway. Moments later, Wale returned to his seat and began snacking on popcorn like nothing happened. We’re told the other guy is also back in his seat. (TMZ)

Check out the incident:

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