Wale Addresses Rosa Acosta Beef, “You Don’t Get Paid To Talk, Rosa” [Video]

Wale Addresses Rosa Acosta Beef, “You Don’t Get Paid To Talk, Rosa” [Video]

Maybach Music Group’s Wale has cleared the air on engaging in a publicized Twitter beef with model Rosa Acosta over the summer and detailed the truth behind the squabble’s origins.

Wale claims Rosa ultimately sparked the tantrum after taunting him at a Philadelphia show in August.

“You not paid to talk, Rosa, you’re just paid to sit there,” Wale laughingly told radio hosts DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee. “[She gave me props?] No she didn’t. Don’t ever say anything I’m doing on stage is a fail unless it’s a real fail. Yes she did [say it was a fail]. … This is exactly what she said. I went into the crowd as I always do — it was all girls in the front — so when I went into the crowd, a girl grabbed my family jewels. … So I [told] her, ‘If a n*gga touch you like that, he’s going to jail. No questions asked.’ And everybody started chanting as I went back on stage. So Rosa said, ‘Oh, Wale tried to jump in the crowd. Wow. That was an epic fail.'” (“The Breakfast Club”)

He also questioned whether Rosa is simply eye candy.

“Hold on Rosa, who asked you to speak,” Wale said rhetorically. “Have you ever been asked to speak? Have you ever been asked to speak, Rosa? Has anyone ever called you up and been like, ‘Talk.’ I seen rappers [and] basketball players pick you up. Don’t do that Rosa. If I wasn’t cool with these dudes, I’d, don’t do it. Don’t do it with those feet of yours Rosa, we know what them feet look like.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Around mid-August, tensions flared after she criticized Wale’s Philly performance.

“Rosa you owe me 15%, I made you hot my n*gga…Don’t submit your opinion to the public. Your talent doesn’t require a voice. We listen to real women in 2011, not industry slides…If your talent is your areola…you don’t deserve an opinion.” – Wale, on Rosa Acosta after she tweeted criticism about his performance last night. (Complex)

Wale took to his Twitter page and proceeded to hit Rosa up with direct tweets.

“@RosaAcosta how bout I couldn’t move..do u have any fans, or a bunch of niggas that wanna f*ck u following u?,” he tweeted August 12th.

“If ur talent is ur areola….then u don’t deserve an opinion. Shoutout my sisters w/ that ambition n drive 1st. #salute”

“@rosaacosta don’t submit ur opinion to the public. ur talent doesn’t require a voice. We listen 2 REAL women in 2011 , not industry slides”

“I bet u get waaay more calls at 1am then 1pm @RosaAcosta”

“Its jus jokes ppl…jus jokes..xmas was early I extended somebody 15 min of notoriety. Her areolas should be thanking twitter now” (Wale’s Twitter)

Check out Wale’s interview below:

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