Wale Addresses Pill’s Maybach Music Group Departure, “It Just Didn’t Work Out”

Wale Addresses Pill’s Maybach Music Group Departure, “It Just Didn’t Work Out”

Maybach Music Group’s Wale has confirmed Atlanta rapper Pill’s disassociation from Rick Ross‘ growing label roster and said despite some haste words over the past few weeks he still has nothing but love for him.

Admitting Pill and MMG did not work out on a business standpoint, the Washington, D.C.-bred emcee said there is no love lost.

“Personal is personal, business is business. I’m friends with people that I’ve fired, so I’ve been in the game long enough to understand [you need to] separate the two,” Wale said in an interview. “So shout-out to Pill and what he’s doin’. … I still support what he’s doin'; it just didn’t work out on the business side. Everybody gets chances, though. Everybody gets second, third, fourth, fifth chances. I believe in Pill, and I’m sure Rozay believes in Pill, and we wish him the best.” (MTV)

In early January, MMG’s Masspike Miles refused to address Pill’s label status.

“When it comes to sh*t like that, I don’t even comment on it,” Masspike Miles told hip-hop personality Futuristic Blogger when asked for his opinion on Pill disassociating himself from Maybach Music Group. “I’m gonna keep it funky. Like I said, it’s about my loyalty, brotherhood and being positive. Any of that f*ck sh*t, I don’t talk about it. If he blogging, more power to him, I wish him the best in the future. It’s Maybach Music over here.” (Hip Hop News 24/7)

A few days prior, Pill denied ever inking a deal with Maybach Music Group.

“I never signed any paperwork with Ross. It was just my deal was over at Warner already,” Pill revealed to MTV News Tuesday. According to the “Trap Goin’ Ham” MC, he was signed to Asylum/Warner Bros. Records at the end of 2009, a year before Ross brought his MMG label over to Warner Music Group. Pill says he is unaware of any conversations that Warner and Ross ever had concerning his career, but started receiving calls from Rozay around this time last year. The calls turned into collaborations — many of which ended up on Self Made Vol. 1, Ross’ MMG label compilation album. It was alluded that Pill was officially a part of Rozay’s roster, along with Wale, Meek Mill and a host of other artists, but that wasn’t the case, the rapper says. (MTV)

In December, he took to Twitter to unleash a fury of label woes.

“No TV and No Radio.. U do the math. I bet u can name you favorite artist and the turn on the tv and see the video and hear it on the radio. It’s not rocket science. Radio and TV b4 I had a deal, none after and u ask why Pill ain’t blew all the way up. Artist sign deals, label doesnt do shit for them or don’t even know to work the artist. time wasted. Ask Wiz Khalifa what Warner Bros did for him. I’ll wait.. dropped em. Atlantic signed em put em on TV and Radio and he sky rocketed. Mind you, whn I signed I had one of the biggest records in 09? “Trap Goin Ham” never touched TV never touched radio. [sic]” (Pill’s Twitter)

Check out some past Pill footage below: