Wale Addresses Name-Dropping Juicy J In Complex Rant: “I Stand By My Comments” [Audio]

Wale Addresses Name-Dropping Juicy J In Complex Rant: “I Stand By My Comments” [Audio]

Maybach Music Group’s Wale is not backing down for dicey comments he shot at Complex over not being featured on its Top 50 best albums of the year list and has addressed the situation with “Walk N’ Live.”

On the record, Wale touches on the Complex situation and also name-dropping Three 6 Mafia’s Juicy J making the list over him.

Wale lost his cool after Complex excluded him from their “50 Best Albums of 2013? list. Now he channels his energy into a new song called “Walk N’ Live,” produced by DJ Relly Rel. The MMG rapper gets on his “gully sh*t,” while addressing his blowout with the magazine and his comments about Juicy J’s album. “Question my temperament, cool, but not my competence/ Send this text to Juicy J like dude, that’s just my confidence/ But shoot, I think that I’m the best and nevertheless, you should too/ So on that note, I stand by my comments/ Of course, we still cool,” he raps. (Rap-Up)

This week Wale said his outburst was the result of mounted tensions peaking.

“That’s rage, man. To be honest, if he was in front of me at the time, I would have went at him,” Wale admitted when asked about his now-viral rant. “Like I’ve said, I’m not perfect, man. Nobody’s perfect. Everybody can tell you what they would do and what they could’ve done if they was me but y’all not. You don’t know what you would do if you were in that position. You’re just coming off a monumental Grammy snub – SPIN and all these other people, they’re not appreciating what you and your fans stand for. I take that personal. I work hard, man. I’m around a lot of these artists that they promoting – they don’t care about the game as much as I do. The art form – I’m not for the money, dog. I love the music and I do this for the fans. … It’s just like sports, you want to see your team win – I don’t think it’s fair to those people for them to keep omitting.” (“The Hot 97 Morning Show”)

The Washington, DC native also suggested Complex has a personal agenda against him.

“I think it is personal,” Wale added. “I don’t even want to shed too much light to that publication but there’s a lineage of things that I’ve seen in the past couple of years. There’s been red flags. I’ve talked to my publicist about it, they know. She be like, ‘It is something. I don’t know what it is, Wale, but it is something.’ There was a lot of things done during the Interscope days, me being wet behind the ears, that I just didn’t know. I had poor media training or I just didn’t know.” (“The Hot 97 Morning Show”)

Last week, Complex editor Insanul Ahmed said the company had no personal issues with the MMG rapper.

“Wale did not come to our office. We reached out to Wale’s publicist and management and offered that he could come to our office for a sit-down, on-camera interview where he could vent his frustrations to create a more constructive dialogue about our list. In the end, the camp declined our offer. Complex has no grudge against Wale or any other artist. Wale is an active, relevant artist and someone we have always covered and will continue to cover. He’s made many of our lists in the past. On a more personal note, I have advocated for his music many times in the office and outside. Funny thing is, Wale made this accusation before and back in 2011, I sat down with Wale and talked to him for several hours. I felt like we had worked out whatever issues it was back then.” (HHDX)

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Check out Wale’s “Walk N’ Live”:

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