Wale Addresses Meek Mill Feud, Vows To ‘Correct’ Their Problem [Audio]

Wale Addresses Meek Mill Feud, Vows To ‘Correct’ Their Problem [Audio]

Maybach Music Group’s Wale is not ready to let his friendship with incarcerated group member Meek Mill fade to black and addressed their situation on his new “MMG Under God” track. #mmgundergod

The Washington, DC native’s new record premiered Monday (July 15).

Despite coming under fire from Meek Mill last week, Wale reaffirms his allegiance to Maybach Music on this new song, “MMG Under God.” The DMV representative sounds especially focused over the heavenly production as he addresses everything that’s happened over the past seven days. “One day they gon’ understand this worn out heart of mine / And subscribe to this genuine article of mine / But nevermind, a brother you argue with is a brother you love enough to correct / So passion over perfection as I religiously rep that double M shit,” he spits, before shouting out his soon-to-be-incarcerated groupmate. Free Meek. (Miss Info TV)

Wale retweeted a series of “Free Meek Mill”-related posts and displayed his respect for MM on Twitter last week.

“Free Meek Mill,” a retweeted photo read from MMG leader Rick Ross’ Twitter page July 11.

“#meekmill http://instagram.com/p/qVecfdsky9/,” Wale retweeted.

“@eatandparty y’all some wanna be down a** wanna be street n*ggas u sound dumb as shyt .That man got a kid n family . This shyt ain’t no joke” (Wale’s Twitter)

According to reports, Meek could spend up to six months in jail.

Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill is behind bars Friday night. Mill, seen in video at the scene of last weekend’s deadly fire in Southwest Philadelphia, will spend three to six months behind bars after violating his probation. He’s in custody right now. Prosecutors say they were concerned about a number of recent incidents with Mill, including posting a photo of himself with a gun. (My Fox Philly)

Mill spent hours trying to convince a judge not to throw him behind bars.

The Philadelphia-born Mill, whose real name is Robert Williams, and his lawyer Gary Silver, tried for almost four hours to convince Brinkley not to send him back to prison. Mill, 27, said his rising career in hip hop has supported him, his mother, sister and son and other friends and placed his monthly expenses at $80,000 to $90,000. “It took me 15 years to get here and this will be extremely damaging to my life,” Mill told the judge. (Philly)


Check out the new track:

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