Waka Flocka Tells Gucci Mane To Get His Weight Up: “I’m Gone. I’m Sky-Diving, They Skinny Dipping” [Video]

Waka Flocka Tells Gucci Mane To Get His Weight Up: “I’m Gone. I’m Sky-Diving, They Skinny Dipping” [Video]

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame recently sealed any thoughts about him teaming back up with estranged music pal Gucci Mane and said he is too financially stable to need any reunions to go down.

While initially pretending not to know who Gucci is, Flocka finally caved in and said he decided to leave Mane’s camp once he locked-in $3 million.

“It’s over, it’s done,” Waka said in an interview when asked about his relationship with Gucci. “I used to f*ck with Gucci when I had like three million [dollars]. I’m up. I’m gone. I’m gone. I’m sky-diving. They skinny dipping. They diving in the pools, I’m diving out the sky. I ain’t got no limit. The sh*t I’m doing, everybody can’t do. The sh*t I’m doing, you ain’t got to join Illuminati to get this money. … I’m good man.” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

Back in May, Gucci downplayed the seriousness of his fallout with Waka.

“I’m just working on my Brick Squad group album which will drop this summer. It’ll be me, PeeWee Longway, Young Thug, Dolph and of course Chief Keef. I even got songs with Waka on there. I’m just gonna drop a collection of all the best songs we’ve been making. I dropped a mixtape for every artist on my label, so now I feel like it’s just time to put our album together and show everybody the chemistry we got together. [Waka?] There was more of a miscommunication and things got misconstrued. But we got too much of a good thing. Whatever we got to work out, we always work it out.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier the same month, Flame discussed his distanced relationship with Gucci.

“I don’t think I’m going to see him in the streets, the sh*t I’m doing. … Mentor? Like, dude said, I ain’t going to go against him — I feel like nobody helped me do sh*t. Not my mama, not Gucci, my first album, Gucci ain’t even on it, period. … I don’t know what secret feelings that man got,” Waka said in an interview. “From my personal opinion it gotta be jealousy or envy or something. [I heard he said his Twitter got hacked?] I guess God hacked it.” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

He previously said they were just going to go their own separate ways peacefully.

“We in two paths in our lives. It ain’t no beef, no animosity. It’s just that me and him see two different goals,” Flocka revealed in an interview. “I guess we both be at the finish line we just going our own routes. That’s all I can say. They just can’t put a finger on it. Like, ‘What’s the reason?’ Sometimes it’s none of your f*ckin’ business what’s the reason. You know what I’m saying? Just understand two men went they own ways but it’s no problem.” (Montreality)

Check out Waka Flocka Flame’s interview:

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