Waka Flocka Says White Women Are “F*ckin’ Poppin'” Right Now: “Used To Be Black Girls Was The Baddest Sh*t”

Waka Flocka Says White Women Are “F*ckin’ Poppin'” Right Now: “Used To Be Black Girls Was The Baddest Sh*t”

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame recently spoke on his love for women and, specifically, why White girls have the entire world drooling over them these days.

In Waka’s perspective, Spanish and Black women now fall behind the buzz of the lighter complexion gals.

“I’ma be real with you. Anything white people like is like … their grandmothers, grandparents probably was annoyed. As they grew up, that was part of our generation. And people don’t understand it ’cause they so old to the antique sh*t that the new and improved — like, yo kids gonna be even worse. My kid’s gonna be worse. They ain’t gonna go through the black/white sh*t. Like, they all gonna f*ck around and just walk a straight line. I feel like it’s just getting better and better. How you feel about white women lookin’ good right now? How you feel about that? Do you speak black? Spanish girls is taken — no, used to be black girls was the baddest sh*t, you know what I mean? Spanish, J-Lo be poppin’ … white women are poppin’ right now, man. They f*ckin’ poppin’. Imma just be real.” (The Boom Box)

He also delved into why things with his last girl came to an unexpected end.

“Ain’t spendin’ time, man. Feel f*cked up and sh*t. You can’t spend no time … and then the temptation of other women, sh*t is crazy. Probably sleep with another girl and be like, “D*mn, I just cheated on my girl, I f*cked up. I ain’t seen her too much, my d*ck hard. I’m sorry.” It’s just for the moment sh*t, it ain’t out of spite. Plus, it’s like, I never knew how to be a boyfriend. Honestly, I never had a girlfriend. I only had like four or five girls my whole life. My first girlfriend, I was like 18 years old, real girlfriend. Like, I don’t even know how to be no boyfriend to her right now. I feel like I learned — sorry for the ones that I dated, they all taught me how to be a boyfriend — but I ain’t lookin’ for no girl now. I ain’t got no kids or nothing.” (The Boom Box)

A few days ago, Flocka discussed the difficulty in trying to juggle romance and a career.

“We’re currently not together no more,” Waka said regarding his relationship status. “But I feel like having a girl is easy, you know what I’m saying? But you have to be in the right position in your life and your career and as a businessman to even start a life. You know what I’m saying? Because if you ain’t complete your life, you can’t start another life. And you just got to stay out the media, man. You know what I mean? You and your girl aren’t made for the media. Y’all made for y’all household, y’all made for y’all family. Everything is not to be televised.” (Montreality)

Last month, Waka dished out his love for former “Disney” star Miley Cyrus.

“I’m not going to lie, I bummed a guest seat from Russell Simmons to go to her party. I got like a real slick crush on her. I went to the party, she didn’t even know it. I walked right by here, she didn’t even know it. As soon as she walked in the door I walked right fucking by her, she didn’t even know. I didn’t say shit. I haven’t met her in real life. I will introduce myself. I want to get a record with her. I got a sick, sick, sick record. Let me see if I got it. I got something I’d like to write for her, give her a feel for it just to write. [Plays song] I already got my verse for it, I created the song, it’s called “Shots.” I got to pitch it, damn she might want to do it for her album! That’d be awesome. I’m going to do a record with her guaranteed. We’re gonna take steps.” (Pigeons & Planes)

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