Waka Flocka Reveals Drastic Decision He Made After Kayo Redd’s Death: “That Boy Had A Lot Of Stress On Him” [Video]

Waka Flocka Reveals Drastic Decision He Made After Kayo Redd’s Death: “That Boy Had A Lot Of Stress On Him” [Video]

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame recently spoke on the heartbreaking news of his brother Kayo Redd passing last month and how the realization forced him to make a change.

According to Flocka, he had to switch up his diet to deal with Redd’s shocking death.

“After that situation, I detoxed for like seven days. I changed my diet. I became 85 percent vegan. I just felt like I had to cleanse myself,” Waka revealed in an interview. “I’ve been through that before, so to me that’s will power because if I sit there and mope, a lot of things could go bad.” (WKYS)

Waka also admitted Kayo had some personal issues the world did not know about.

“That boy had a lot of stress on him. It’s a lot of things that go on behind doors that people don’t know about,” Waka added. “It’s a lot of stress that come with this game. The strong survive. The family is good, though. Life goes on. That’s the motto for me, life goes on. If my eyes ain’t closed and I’m not breathing, I’m not hurting.” (WKYS)

According to recent reports, a Georgia funeral service took place in early January.

Kayo’s mom asked that no one wear black because “Kayo was full of life and color” and it appears most people obliged. The musician’s music was played at the service along with a montage of pictures of his young life. Several hundred friends, family and fans attended the Home Going Services in the small Georgia town of Conley (population 6,188). The crowd literally shut down several streets as they walked in a procession behind a horse-drawn carriage carrying the body of Kayo, who died of an apparent suicide. (RumorFix)

Early reports suggested Redd may have committed suicide.

12:01 PM PT — Police investigating Kayo’s death tell TMZ all evidence now points to suicide — a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Henry County P.D. says the body of Kayo — aka Caodes Scott — was discovered last night in the Georgia subdivision where he lived. The autopsy will be conducted later today. Sources tell TMZ an autopsy will be performed today or tomorrow. (TMZ)

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Check out Waka Flocka Flame’s interview:

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