Waka Flocka Puts A Hit Out: “Where’s Macklemore?”

Waka Flocka Puts A Hit Out: “Where’s Macklemore?”

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame is the latest hip-hop artist to hop on the Macklemore bandwagon, publicly asking his fans to alert him to reach out.

While brief with his words, Flockaveli revealed his interest in working with the seemingly overnight rap star.

“Where’s Macklemore??? Someone tell him Waka Flame got a hit waiting…..,” Flocka tweeted June 6th.

“FLOCKA!!!!!!” (Waka Flocka Flame’s Twitter)

The Mackster has even sparked interest in fellow West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg.

“@SnoopDogg: @macklemore when u comn on tha GGN neff ?” <- I’m down whenever man…lets do it,” Mack tweeted June 7 in response to Snoop reaching out. (Macklemore’s Twitter)

Last week, Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt hopped onto his Twitter page to publicly question Mack’s infectious “Can’t Hold Us” anthem.

“also ahahah who the f*ck is this rapping very fast on 90’s trance piano beat with this ‘ceilings cant hold us’ john legend hook?,” Earl tweeted May 26th.

“macklemore is caked out as f*ck” (Earl Sweatshirt’s Twitter)

Back in April, Wu-Tang Clan‘s Method Man called out Mack for allegedly jacking his signature concert move.

“The reason why I brought the music down — I was watching MTV not too long ago and there was a rapper on stage. This motherf*cker had a lot of energy. I was really, really enjoying his performance,” Mef told the crowd. “I think his name was Macklemore. Don’t get me wrong, that motherf*cker can rhyme. But as I’m watching his performance, I see this motherf*cker do something that just pissed me off. He tried to actually walk on top of the crowd’s hands. I started that sh*t! That’s my sh*t! … Don’t get me wrong. When Macklemore comes to your city, y’all show him all the love that y’all showed Red and Mef. But if that motherf*cker tries to do my walk on the crowd thing, I want Denver, Colorado to drop his a** like a bad habit.” (WeedMaps.TV)

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