Waka Flocka On Wale, “He’s Like A Lightbulb That Keeps Going In And Out”

Waka Flocka On Wale, “He’s Like A Lightbulb That Keeps Going In And Out”

Southern rapper Waka Flocka Flame recently gave his input on Roc Nation’s Wale and why his fellow newcomer one of rap’s biggest underdogs.

From Waka’s perspective, Wale needs to be given more exposure.

“Wale like a light. You know how you screw a light bulb in … but you don’t twist it all the way, so it keep going in and out, that’s Wale,” Waka explained. “Now when you twist Wale tight, [he’s] gon’ become bright. That man can rap real good but nobody give him an opportunity.” (MTV)

Flocka also revealed his first encounter with Wale.

“I like Wale music but I never knew him. Gucci knew him. He so happened to walk in the studio, like, ‘Yo, what up, I’m Wale.’ That’s the kind of person he is, [he’ll] introduce [himself],” Waka remembered. “I was like, ‘D*mn, boy, that’s crazy.’ I was just thinking about somebody like a Wale, J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa. Those the three top people in my brain. So Wale, swear to God, walked through the door, [and we were like], ‘Eh, boy, we got a song for ya!’ He just [jumped in] from right there.” (MTV)

Last August, Wale spoke on competing with artists like Kid Cudi, Drake and Asher Roth.

“One of us got the most record sales, the other one wants the most fame,” Wale explained when asked about competing with Drake, Asher Roth and Kid Cudi. “One of them has the most fame, the other one wants to have the credibility to be a true hip-hop person. One of them is more of a true hip-hop person but the other one is more record sales. It’s just like in the NBA, one guy gets this kind of money but then there’s another guy who plays in the West Coast that makes this kinda money and that sounds good but he wants as much money as him and now this guy wants the same money as LeBron [James] but then LeBron wants as much money as [New York Yankees’] A-Rod, from another sport. Nobody’s ever really satisfied but that’s just human nature though.” (Amarudontv)

Wale’s debut album, Attention: Deficit, landed on the sales chart last November.

Rap newcomer Wale’s long-awaited Attention: Deficit landed on the charts this week debuting at No. 21. After seven days on store shelves, the rapper’s new album shelled out 28,300 copies. (Sales Wrap)

Check out a recent Wale interview below:

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