Waka Flocka On Mama Flame Relationship, “[It’s The] Same Way It Was When I Came Out The P*ssy”

Waka Flocka On Mama Flame Relationship, “[It’s The] Same Way It Was When I Came Out The P*ssy”

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka recently discussed his relationship with mom/manager Debra Antney and how he credits his business hustle completely to Mama Flame.

Asked about his relationship with Antney, Flocka dished out their close-knit bond.

“Same way it was when I came out the pussy. That’s the woman that put you here. You have to respect her no matter what the case may be. I learned everything from her. How not to trust a person. She taught me to be humble, respectful, treat everybody equally. Don’t cheat anybody, don’t try and get over them. Just work for it, it’ll come to you. She lives like seven, eight houses up. She likes cooking so some days we eat at her house. I’ll cook food sometimes. I have expensive taste but most of the time I just want to pig out. Pizzas, fries, chicken sandwiches.” (The FADER)

Last month, Flockaveli discussed just how hard in the paint he goes for his grandmother’s daughter.

“Honestly, she was gon go even harder. I had to pull my mother back, like, “Yo, you my mother. Your sh*t is personal. If somebody disrespect you, it’s over for my career. It’s over for my freedom. You gotta live with that.” If a n*gga disrespect my moms, my n*gga, I’m gonna f*ckin’ kill them. I hope you put that in capitalized letters,” Waka added. “I’m gonna f*ckin’ kill you, n*gga. I’m gonna sit down for 25 years. Any man or woman gon understand that. You disrespect the person that birth them or the person that raised them to be who they are today, they gonna kill you. If you a Christian, catholic, Muslim, whatever the f*ck, most people whatever the case may be, they gonna handle they business. So I told my mother, “Yo, relax. you better watch yourself on camera turnin’ up like that. That’s an embarrassment to yourself.” And you don’t need to let nobody see that side. But they need to see that side. [Laughs] And plus that’s where she from, n*gga. Check her background.” (XXL Mag)

Known to speak her mind freely, Debbie publicly spoke on rap star Nicki Minaj leaving her management back in 2010.

“I am the person that put it out that she did a cease and desist letter or whatever that sh*t is that she did,” Antney said in an interview. “I put that out, she didn’t put that out. She never said anything, that was to stop people from continuously calling me to let them know I no longer have her. She chose not to be with me. That’s why I do sh*t on a handshake. People out there might say that’s a sucker, but I’m not, that’s who I am. You don’t want to be with me, you’re gone free. Do whatever it is you want to do, good-bye…I love Nicki, I love Nick and I wish her all the success in the world. You don’t have to stay with me.” (All Hip Hop)

Prior to nixing retirement plans, Deb detailed Waka’s near-decision to hang up the microphone for good.

RumorFix has confirmed that rapper Waka Flocka Flame is quitting the music business. Waka’s mom and manager, Debra Antney, tells RumorFix exclusively, “He talking about quitting. He’s sick of this. We all are.” Debra, who is the Kris Jenner of the rap world, tells us, “We’re all disgusted with this stuff. You can’t trust people.” She says Waka isn’t touring or recording right now and that they are reestablishing their relationship as mom and son — as opposed to manager and musician. (RumorFix)

Check out some recent Waka Flocka Flame below:

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