Waka Flocka Flame’s “Triple F Life” First-Week Sales Projections Revealed

Waka Flocka Flame’s “Triple F Life” First-Week Sales Projections Revealed

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame‘s Triple F Life: Fans, Friends & Family should easily debut on the Top 200 music chart in seven days with first-week projections ranging up to 30,000 sold copies.

Based on one-day estimates, Flockaveli’s new LP will compete for a chart spot against R&B veteran Usher’s Looking 4 Myself.

Usher may be Looking 4 Myself, but you can find the RCA R&B star at the top of the HITS album chart next week. His new album will debut at #1 with a total between 120-130k, 200k less than the first-week sales for his last album, Raymond v. Raymond, which came out Easter week in March 2010 with 329k following his mentoring appear on American Idol. That one went on to sell 1.3 million. WB southern hip-hopper Waka Flocka Flame’s Triple F Life: Fans, Friends & Family looks in the 25-30k range. (HITS Daily Double)

Last year, Flocka spoke on not wanting to rush out his sophomore LP.

“It felt like a rushed project. I’m going to do it first quarter (2012) because I need to put my all into it,” Waka Flocka continued on his recently pushed back album, “Triple F Life.” “I felt like I was trying to please the label and not the people that really listen to the music.” Flocka also hinted at another breakthrough guest spot on his upcoming album: DMX. “I’m trying to put a song together with DMX; he needs to get back on the scene!” With 2011 drawing to a close, Waka Flocka offered a bold prediction for the new year. “I’m gonna be the No. 1 artist of the year. That’s not a prediction, that’s a fact!” he proclaimed. (Billboard)

The Southern rapper packed his solo effort with star-studded collaborations from Drake, Nicki Minaj, Ludacris and more.

1. “Triple F Life Intro” 2. “Let Dem Guns Blam” feat. Meek Mill 3. “Round of Applause” feat. Drake 4. “I Don’t Really Care” feat. Trey Songz 5. “Rooster in My Rari” 6. “Get Low” feat. Nicki Minaj, Tyga, & Flo Rida 7. “Fist Pump” feat. B.o.B. 8. “Candy Paint & Gold Teeth” feat. Bun B & Ludacris 9. “Cash” feat. Wooh Da Kid 10. “Lurkin'” 11. “Clap” 12. “U Ain’t Bout That Life” feat. Alley Boy & Slim Thug 13. “Power of My Pen” 14. “Flex” feat. Travis Porter, Slim Dunkin & D-Bo 15. “Triple F Outro” 16. “Inky” feat. Slim Dunkin & Wooh Da Kid 17. “Chin Up” feat. Slim Dunkin 18. “Everything I Love” feat. Future & Trouble (Triple F Life)

In May, the animated rapper said he dedicated the LP to slain crew member Slim Dunkin.

“My dog ain’t pass. I ain’t accepting that,” Waka told MTV News after a photo shoot in Brooklyn, New York, last week. “You know that sh– is gonna carry with me, though, because he’s me and I’m him. Together we’re Brick Squad, man.” Flocka dedicated his upcoming June album Triple F Life: Friends, Fans and Family to Dunkin. “What’s behind my Triple F Life wave? The passing of my best friend Dunk. R.I.P. Dunk,” he said. “That boy there was special. That boy there was different.” (MTV)

Check out some recent Waka Flocka Flame footage below:

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