Waka Flocka Flame Labels Jay-Z & Kanye West Comparisons “Disrespectful”

Waka Flocka Flame Labels Jay-Z & Kanye West Comparisons “Disrespectful”

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame has expressed dismay over the fact that he and mentor Gucci Mane are getting compared to rap duo Jay-Z and Kanye West, calling side-by-side comparisons nothing less than disrespectful.

For Flocka, he views the pairings uneven due to what each brings to the table.

“Trying to compare us to Jay-Z [and Kanye] is like comparing [NBA player] Dirk Nowitzki to Larry Bird — that’s disrespectful…That’s like two different classes… I been rappin’ for three years, those folks got 15 years — I’m happy that my name comes in the conversation — even behind Gucc. At the end of the day it’s all respect; I’m a fan of music.” (Rapfix)

Despite comparisons, both parties’ new albums are set to debut on the sales chart next week.

The Roc-a-Fella/Roc Nation hip-hop icons’ Watch the Throne album is set for a #1 debut with anywhere from 500-550k, the second-largest first-week sales of the year next to Lady Gaga. Asylum/WB’s Atlanta-based Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame are next up with an estimated total of 15-18k for their Southern-drenched collab, Ferrari Boyz. (HITS Daily Double)

Earlier this week, Gucci Mane talked to SOHH and gave his top reasons fans should purchase the new Ferrari Boyz album.

The number one reason you should cop my new album is because it’s the newest material I’ve released since I came home from jail. That’s the number one reason. It’s the newest Gucci album out. It’s the hottest thing that everybody’s gonna be talking about. I’m so excited about this album. I think it’s just a blessing that me and Waka even got a chance to do an album together. Just having this opportunity to do this and put it out there, I think the people are going to love it.” (SOHH Buy My Record)

Jay-Z and Kanye West have formally come together to create supergroup, The Throne.

A week after debuting their new single, “Otis”, off “Watch the Throne,” Jay-Z and Kanye West are joining forces to form the group ‘The Throne’ and announce their ‘Watch the Throne Tour,’ kicking off on Sept. 22, in Detroit. “Watch the Throne” will be available on iTunes on August 8. On the same day, tickets for The Throne’s tour, powered by VoyR, will be made available at Ticketmaster.com and LiveNation.com. Fans who purchase their tickets online will receive a digital copy of the album. The album hits stores on Aug. 12. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Check out some recent Gucci Mane footage below:

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