Waka Flocka Flame Ambushed At Charity Bowl, “The Fight Was Over Money” [Video]

Waka Flocka Flame Ambushed At Charity Bowl, “The Fight Was Over Money” [Video]

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame was caught in a physical altercation a few days ago when a former affiliate attacked his camp during a charity event.

Details and footage of the incident emerged online this weekend.

Waka Flocka was ruthlessly coldcocked Thursday night — after a massive brawl broke out at the rapper’s charity bowling event in Atlanta. According to sources, the fight was over money — the guy who throws the first punch is one of Waka’s former proteges. He accused Waka of owing him cash. Waka’s rep tells TMZ, the rapper was trying to do a good thing for his community andgot ambushed. Although Waka chases the guy down and his posse beats the dude up, Waka’s rep says he was just defending himself. Cops were called to the scene — but no arrests were made. (TMZ)

No stranger to fights, last year Flocka got into a tussle with rapper Young Jeezy‘s camp.

Can we all just get along? This afternoon, members of Gucci Mane‘s crew (including Waka Flocka) confronted Jeezy’s clique in an Atlanta clothing store. A fight ensued and Waka’s security detail fired a gun during the melee. No injuries were reported, but an eyewitness said of Waka, “Whoever he is he’s got a big swollen eye now.” (Rap Radar)

Flocka later taunted Jeezy’s entourage member for an inability to fight.

“Shout-out to my n*gga that can’t fight man,” Flocka said on-stage at a concert. “Eh, shout-out to the n*gga that snuffed me and ran. The n*gga that look like Martin Lawrence, they call him D*ck Pulla. When I say f*ck, y’all say ‘C.T.E.’. F*ck! [C.T.E.!], F*ck! [C.T.E.!]. When I say ‘Free,’ y’all say ‘Gucci!'” (Hip Hops Heart Beat)

Days after the melee, Waka detailed what really took place.

“Slick Pulla ain’t catch me my n*gga,” Flame said during an online broadcast. “Home snuffed me on the left side, I walked by him and he didn’t do sh*t, a little young n*gga dropped his a** and his other guy tried to sneak my partner, I dropped his a**…Homie didn’t do this, some grown a** n*gga blacked my eye and ran. Yo, homie [Slick Pulla] ain’t do that, his name is not Slick Pulla, we finna call him Martin Lawrence. Stop calling him Slick Pulla…Nah, I ain’t cool with Young Jeezy but I d*mn sure don’t got no beef with Young Jeezy or the whole CTE gang, it’s f*ck Slick Pulla. How many times I got to say it?” (The Phresh)

Check out footage from the fight below:

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