Waka Flocka Burns Gucci Mane’s Contract To A Flame: “He The Person That Spilled The Beans”

Waka Flocka Burns Gucci Mane’s Contract To A Flame: “He The Person That Spilled The Beans”

Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame still isn’t feeling any pity for one-time rap pal Gucci Mane despite his current stint behind bars and revealed their falling out.

According to Flockaveli, Gucci is the one responsible for exposing the public to their behind-the-scenes feud.

“Man, I been got out of a contract with Gucci. Me and him fell out 2012, but we kept it in house. He the person that spilled the beans,” Flocka revealed in an interview. “I feel like it’s a gimmick – ain’t nothing crazy about him.” (Hot 107.9)

A few weeks ago, Flocka released a diss track directed at his former partner.

Following their public blowout and Gucci’s subsequent meltdown on Twitter, Waka Flocka Flame goes on the record with his Gucci Mane diss “Ice Cream.” Over the 808 Mafia production, he calls out his former Brick Squad boss and lean-addicted rappers (“Ni**as sip codeine like it’s lemonade”), while professing his realness. “I been a real ni**a since second grade/ And when I met Gucci, thought I met a real ni**a/ Until he crossed the line and he became a f*ck ni**a,” raps Waka. Gucci is currently serving six months behind bars for violating his parole. “Ice Cream” can be found on Waka’s DJ Scream-hosted mixtape From Roaches to Rolex, which drops tomorrow. (Rap-Up)

He also spoke on their relationship fizzling out around mid-September.

“He lived in my mom’s crib for two years, rent-free,” Waka said referring to Gucci. “When I started going on tours, when I started buying different cars, I’m not leasing nothing, I started buying different jewelry, your conversation changes. You can’t lie anymore, it’s facts. I guess that crawls underneath people’s skin and when I come around I get a little different attention than you. I be seeing that messes with his ego. But I ain’t think he was going to go to that level. Like cyberspace. You know? That’s crazy. … He ain’t trying to get rid of that little contract. I want him to eat though. I don’t want to be out here looking like a bum. … If I catch him, it’s going digital. I don’t want to kill him or nothing, I just want to slap him a couple of times, almost like a little big brother. Gucci lost his noodles, man. People just think he’s gangsta, he really needs medical attention. That guy lost his noodles, man. …” (“The Breakfast Club”)

According to recent reports, Gucci is currently going to remain behind bars through next year.

Things are going from bad to worse for rapper Gucci Mane, who recently opened up about his drug addiction and was arrested for carrying a gun and weed. Now, it looks as if Mane will be spending some time behind bars for probation violation. According to papers uncovered by WorldWrapFederation.com, the rapper was booked for probation violation on September 16, just two days after his arrest on September 14. He was sentenced this past Friday (September 27), receiving 183 days (six months) in jail. Beyond that, we don’t have any further information, but it looks as if Gucci still has five open charges surrounding his recent arrest (three of them regarding the firearm, one of them for the drugs, and another for disorderly conduct). Gucci has announced plans to enter rehab once he’s through with his legal troubles. (Exclaim)

Mane caught heat last month after being arrested on multiple charges.

Gucci Mane was arrested this morning for allegedly cussing out a couple of cops in Atlanta while in possession of weed and a gun … TMZ has learned. Gucci Mane — real name Radric Davis — was taken into custody at 12:05 am this morning after one of his friends complained to cops about his erratic behavior. According to the report — the friend waved down police to help out … but when they approached Gucci he began “cursing and threatening them.” We’re told he was immediately taken into custody and police found a small amount of marijuana on the 33-year old rapper … as well as a handgun. (TMZ)

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