Vroom Vroom: Game Wraps Up $200,000 Ferrari In Black Leather

Vroom Vroom: Game Wraps Up $200,000 Ferrari In Black Leather

West Coast rapper Game appears to have taken his mind off music rival 40 Glocc and reportedly dropped $200,000 for a black leather-wrapped Ferrari.

According to reports, the Game copped his new whip while in France.

So, here we are, with a topic that might seem a bit uninteresting: a Ferrari F430, so not the latest model, wrapped in matte black, not the craziest color in the world. So, why have we chosen this one? Well, the vehicle we are talking about belongs to rapper The Game, who wanted to have his ride covered in… leather, as we found out from the adjacent Instagram pic. The job is done and now he’ll be wondering the streets of LA in his Leatherarri, on which he spent $200,000/ (EUR164,000 at the current exchange rate). (Auto Evolution)

The rap star is known for having a slew of fancy cars in his garage.

In a 2007 episode of MTV’s Cribs, The Game showed off his rides, which included a 2006 Bentley, 2006 Dodge Charger SRT, and a 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago. Two years later, while appearing in a video for Dub Magazine, The Game showcased three additional vehicles: a Range Rover, Chevrolet Corvetter and a Can-Am Spyder. (Torque News)

Last year, the former G-Unit member made headlines after a run-in with the repo man.

The Game was surrounded by a bunch of BAD*SS cars in Hollywood yesterday … but not one of the rides was his tricked out Corvette … because that whip was repossessed a few days ago … TMZ has learned. Game tells TMZ he leased the Corvette roughly three years ago … but he was on tour when the lease expired and was unable to return it. But a few days ago, after Game returned home, repo men came to the house and took the car away. Sources connected to the situation tell us Game was home at the time and was “cooperative” during the hand-off. Game doesn’t seem too bothered by the situation … telling us, “I got SO many whips!” (TMZ)

A few days ago, fellow West Coast rapper 40 Glocc addressed his publicized beatdown from Game and the rapper’s entourage.

“Everybody know I don’t go out like that,” Glocc told radio host Bootleg Kev. “I’m obviously held down at gunpoint, you know, it is what it is. I got jumped, all that footage is edited. I got jumped like three times. They sliced up footage of the edit, they made sure they cut everybody out that was jumping. But if you look at it, you see the feet, you see the people they was clipping the scenes. … Dealing with street stuff, you just gotta take it for what it is. But it’s not street stuff no more when you’re taking it and want to take it viral to boost your image like you punking somebody. He knows in my natural state, when I was ready to fight back, they rushed me again. … It was all them swining on me right there. It is what it is — it was really nothing I could do with that. But as far as the streets, he took it from being street when he took it viral and tried to use it to boost his image as far as him punking somebody.” (Power 98.3)

Check out a recent Game interview below:

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