Vintage Kanye West Unreleased Freestyle Footage Pops Up [Video]

Vintage Kanye West Unreleased Freestyle Footage Pops Up [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West may be a mega music star these days however unreleased freestyle footage from nearly a decade ago has surfaced online showing a pre-mogul Ye nearing his prime.

The throwback 2005 footage of Yeezy on radio veteran Tim Westwood‘s show freestyling to records like “Dreams” and “Encore” surfaced online Thursday (May 23) night.

Just as 2013’s “Yeezy Season” begins to heat up, we get a thirteen minute flashback to the Late Registration era Kanye West. This circa-2005 Tim Westwood Show freestyle just recently hit the ‘net and as the saying goes: it’s better late than never. Watch as Ye flexes his off the top skills as Westwood serves up three of the time period’s best beats by West, including Game’s “Dreams”, Jay-Z‘s “Encore” and Common’s “The Corner.” Kanye’s upcoming album Yeezus is set to hit shelves June 18. (Hype Trak)

Last month, a couple previously unreleased Kanye records premiered online.

On Friday night, unreleased demos of two Kanye West tracks emerged. Now tonight, the world is privy to some more unreleased material from the Chicago superstar. The source for all of these previously unheard tracks comes from a CD that Kanye used to pass out back when he was trying to convince the world that this rap career could really work for him. Needless to say, the man was certainly right all those years ago. Along with the unreleased “Know The Game,” two more tracks have been unearthed which have previously been heard before, except this time around they come equipped with new verses. (Complex)

A couple nights before, some fresh and unexpected College Dropout and Late Registration tunes surfaced.

G.O.O.D Friday? Not really but while we await the arrival of new material from Kanye West, check out this old demo, which seems to be an alternate or maybe an original version with even slightly new lyrics. Notably, the beat is completely different from the Lauryn Hill sampled or Syleena Johnson sang versions that appeared on College Dropout. There’s also an original version of “Bring Me Down” which is labeled “Have It Your Way”, both of these demos are believed to date back to 2001. Again with noticeably different lyrics, a more aggressive Kanye, the second verse on “Have It Your Way” – some of the lines were later used on “Whole City Behind Us”. (DDOTOMEN)

A few years ago, an unaired 2002 pre-fame Kanye interview sprouted online.

“Kanye West, super producer extraordinaire, allow myself to introduce myself,” Ye said in the October 2002 interview. “If you hadn’t heard just three seconds ago, I’m Kanye West, and you know, I’m also known for such hits as ‘H to the Izzo,’ you know, you see the gear — I try to switch the game up. Every time somebody do something, I’ma try to figure out something new man. This one dude, got me really psyched because he came to me and was like, ‘Yo, I think your job in life is to go out and find new things’ and basically like going out and doing a song that nobody’s doing and bringing that back or a lot of the concepts I’m finna talk about in rap, or like back when I was wearing throwbacks and I had to go down to Atlanta to find them before mad n*ggas was wearing throwbacks, so when you see me, you might always see me in some next sh*t, like, ‘He dress kinda weird or something.’ But just keep in mind what I had on and look up two years later…” (Radio Planet TV)

Check out the freestyle footage:

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