Vice Keeps Huffing & Puffing, “If People Want It, We’re Going To Continue To Do It”

Vice Keeps Huffing & Puffing, “If People Want It, We’re Going To Continue To Do It”

With the new Where Do We Go From Here? joint album in stores, SOHH hit up producer Vice Souletric Beats to find out if he sees himself and emcee G. Huff following in the footprints of duos like Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth.

According to Vice, they initially had plans of making a producer-emcee album as just a one-off.

“Me and G. Huff knew we were going to put an album out together sort of like how Skyzoo put out an album with !llmind. It was set to be one project. But as we got halfway through it, we realized that this was something that sort of stuck. We didn’t want to come up with a group name because we sort of wanted to still establish our own individuality with our name and our brand. But I can tell you we’re definitely going to do at least two or three more albums together.” (SOHH)

He also said the fans’ reactions and support will ultimately determine how long they continue drop music together.

“These days, it’s all about how people react to it and what the fans want,” he added. “If people want it, we’re definitely going to continue to do it. Everything comes full circle with music. It’s something that you really saw going on in the 80’s and 90’s and it’s starting to come back together now. So we’re trying to do it like back then but we’re also trying to make sure when people hear it, they don’t say, ‘Oh, all right. They’re taking it back.’ I want them to say, ‘Oh, I know where they got that from and where the influence is.’ The whole sound of the project is a new sound but it’s still officially hip-hop. That’s the way that we hope it comes across.” (SOHH)

Recently, Vice said his partner in rhymes is comparable to hip-hop veteran Rakim.

“So influences include Pete Rock, DJ Premier, 9th Wonder and G. Huff is influenced by cats like Snoop Dogg, Guru, Tupac Shakur. He’s a realistic emcee. He’s like a blue collar emcee. His lyrics and his style come from growing up in Youngstown, Ohio which is like one of the toughest cities in the state. I think he’s closer to Rakim than any other emcee that were to listen to his voice and his presence on the mic.” (SOHH)

The producer previously said fans should support the new LP for its conceptual topics.

“We’re not getting all preachy on here but we do touch on realistic subjects that cats can relate to. But we also have a lot of partying and bullsh*t, things of that nature, that cats can get down to as well. The project came together very organically. G. Huff was going through a lot of personal stuff in his life at the point when we met and decided to do this. That’s why he sounds so passionate on a lot of the tracks. I would say almost every track on here is influenced by something that was going on in his life.” (“5 Reasons Why”)

Check out the “Where Do We Go From Here” music video below:

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