Verse Simmonds On Dome Swagger Jackers, “You Don’t Beef Over Hair”

Verse Simmonds On Dome Swagger Jackers, “You Don’t Beef Over Hair”

In light of artists like 50 Cent, Lloyd, Miguel and Wiz Khalifa grabbing fans’ attention with their new hairstyles, SOHH reached out to songwriter/singer Verse Simmonds, most known for his “Gumby” do, about the hype over domes.

Despite making headlines for his dome a couple years ago, Verse has since gotten rid of his angled hairstyle.

“I got rid of the Gumby, man, I got rid of it,” Verse told SOHH referring to his hairstyle. “Late last year I decided to chop it off. I was ready to make a different kind of statement. I like to change up my style a lot. I feel as an artist, you have to continue to be relevant by recreating yourself. I got rid of it and have made a new transition.” (SOHH)

He also shared his opinion on artists like Lloyd and Miguel arguing over rocking similar hair looks.

“An artist’s hair may not necessarily be a reflection of the music but it’s definitely a reflection of the artist and their creativity,” Verse added. “I see why some artists would be like, ‘You stole mine’ and ‘You stole mine’ because when artists have the same hair style, people can get confused and be like, ‘Yo, you stole this from this person.’ It’s funny that they’re beefing over hair though. That’s crazy. You don’t beef over hair.” (SOHH)

A couple weeks ago, Miguel and Lloyd met face-to-face and came to terms over their hairdos.

Miguel burst into the dressing room singing “The Wayans Bros.” theme song (“We’re brothers, we’re happy and we’re singing and we’re colored”). Lloyd wasn’t having it and immediately asked Miguel why he sent out his controversial tweet. “Why would you even say that though?” asked Lloyd. Miguel replied, “Yo, it shouldn’t have been said, as honest as I may have been. If it was like me and you having a conversation and I said it to you, it would have been different. The fact that I said it on Twitter was fu**ed up and I apologize for that.” (Rap-Up)

In June, rapper 50 Cent addressed bloggers poking fun at his gel-laced curly hair.

“Hahaha you fools talking about my hair for my last movie. Ok I just make more money off it lol I’m WINNING.,” he tweeted late Wednesday (June 15). (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Check out Lloyd and Miguel addressing their hair beef below:

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