Vado Points Out Biggest Change Since Ditching Cam’ron & Joining DJ Khaled’s Team [Video]

Vado Points Out Biggest Change Since Ditching Cam’ron & Joining DJ Khaled’s Team [Video]

Dipset affiliate Vado recently talked about his new Slime Flu 4 mixtape and what noticeable change he has undergone since joining forces with DJ Khaled‘s We The Best record label this year.

Vado said since hooking up with the Miami label executive, he has placed more emphasis on doing guest features.

“You know, I’m with Khaled now, I wanted to do it, I got on my Khaled-like flow, I got a lot of features, I just wanted to show y’all I can do the feature thing,” Vado said in an interview. “I don’t do too much of my feature thing on part one and part two or part three. I showed y’all I can do the feature thing, pull out the big names and you know I rep New York to the fullest. I put on all the hardest artists from New York. … The money’s a blessing, the reward’s a blessing but it’s just about getting my point across, letting y’all know where I’m from, respect where I’m from, respect how I came up because at the end of the day, that’s the only way y’all are really gonna buy my album. Y’all aren’t gonna buy an album from somebody y’all don’t know. I try to tell y’all in every verse that I can who I am so y’all know me.” (REVOLT TV)

Despite coming to the spotlight through Dipset’s Cam’ron, Vado recently said his move to South Beach is just a sign of progression.

“Shout-out to Cam,” Vado said in an interview. “Nah, it’s not that it didn’t work out, we still cool and everything’s still a go. It’s just really given me a chance to build my family, start my own roundtable. … It’s time to step up. He took me as far as he could take me, now it’s time to take it to the next level. Khaled’s like family. It’s already cool. That was like, close to family so it was nothing.” (RapFix)

Back in March, the Harlem, New York rapper talked about feeling too comfortable when he had his deal at Interscope Records.

“Vado’s been getting his weight up but also getting my situation right, making sure the next moves the best move,” Vado said, referring to himself. “I was just making sure I go where I need to be and who’s going to take me to the motherland. I was signed to Interscope. It was just a standstill. I asked [to get out]. I asked. Interscope’s under reconstruction, so nine times out of ten, they were probably going to let me go eventually, so before they did, I asked first. … [The money,] that’s what got me a little too comfortable. Meaning, when I left, you still sitting on some good change, your grind is not there as much because you all right. So, I had to realize, once that started going down and you realize ain’t no money coming in, these bills are six to seven thousand a month, then it’s like it’s wake-up time.” (Sway In The Morning)

In January, the New York rapper announced a new partnership with Khaled’s We The Best powerhouse.

“It’s going down, man, it’s about to be on and crazy,” Vado confirmed in an interview. “Everybody got the word in, Khaled just, reached [out] ASAP. He’s family. You know what I’m saying? Of course, you know what I’m saying, we got the same vision and that’s to take over and go straight to the top and stay there and he wants to get me there and I’ma let him.” (This Is 50)

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Check out Vado’s interview:

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