Vado On Interscope Deal, “I Feel Like Kobe When He First Went To The Lakers” [Audio]

Vado On Interscope Deal, “I Feel Like Kobe When He First Went To The Lakers” [Audio]

Newly signed Interscope Records artist Vado has shed light on his latest music venture and his mental state of mind now being on the same roster as Eminem, 50 Cent and Dr. Dre.

Comparing his new situation to when NBA superstar Kobe Bryant entered the league, Vado said he was anxious to show off his talent.

“I feel like Kobe [Bryant] when he first went to the Lakers,” Vado told radio host Jenny Boom Boom. “You know he had the talent, you know he been good since he got to that level but now it’s time to see what he can do on the mainstream. You know? … Everybody is going to be satisfied. Trust me. It’s going to be music for everyone. [What do I not want to do with my Interscope debut?] Not be [myself]. Anything you do, be yourself at it.” (Jenny Boom Boom TV)

Last month, Dipset’s Cam’ron formally announced Vado’s signing to Interscope Records.

On Monday (March 28), Cam’ron announced that his protégé, fellow Harlem rapper Vado, has inked a recording contract with Interscope Records. “He just signed a deal with Interscope,” the rapper told Angie Martinez on her Hot 97 radio show. “Shout toJimmy Iovine, DJ [DJ Mormile, senior VP of A&R at Interscope], what up, yo?! Big shout to DJ and Jimmy Iovine over there at Interscope. We appreciate that.” (MTV)

In addition to Interscope, Vado and Cam’ron are set to drop their new Gunz N’ Butta album this Tuesday (April 19).

1. Killa 2. American Greed 3. Heat In Here 4. Face-Off 5.I -Luv U 6. Put A Bird Up 7. Monster Muzik 8. Breathe 9. Fuck-A-Freestyle 10. Lights, Camera, Action (feat. Skylnn) 11. Stop It 12. Speaking In Tungs 13. Hey Muma 14. We All Up In Here 15. They Don’t Like You 16. Be With Me 17. Hey Muma (Instrumental) 18. We All Up In Here (Instrumental) (Gunz N’ Butta)

He previously opened up about some of the project’s topics.

“There’s way more concepts on there, I’m a concept artist. I take time with my music and really think it out. I’m not just spitting bars, but I’m bringing you into my world. Cam brought me here and I’m going to show them. I’m trying to reach the kids that just don’t have sh*t. They out there hustling for someone else. I want to be in every kids’ iPod in Harlem…My favorite joint is ‘American Greed,’ the first song on the album. Shout out to Lou Pearlman–God bless the dead–Kirk Wright and all the white collar criminals, corporate gangsters. I feel like a lot of rappers talk about the drug game but they never talk about the other side of it. Dudes with no guns in suits is making billions off this.” (VIBE)

Check out Vado’s interview below:

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