V-Nasty Contemplates Retiring The N-Word, “I Ain’t Never Thought About No Colors Or Nothing” [Video]

V-Nasty Contemplates Retiring The N-Word, “I Ain’t Never Thought About No Colors Or Nothing” [Video]

White Girl Mob’s V-Nasty may have stirred tensions over the past few months with her usage of the N-Word, but the California rapper now reveals plans to possibly stop using the racial term.

Explaining the aftermath of the public realizing she drops N-Bombs, Nasty described her new take.

“I’m even thinking about giving up [saying the n-word],” Nasty said in a video. “I’m not faking [when I say it]…It’s diversity. OK? It’s crazy because I’ll be with my partners doing my everyday thing, but now, everybody’s making it known, like, ‘Oh, she said the n-word and she’s white.’ You feel me? Now, I’m seeing that it’s different other places, so when I be in the hood doing my regular thing with my best friend, I shouldn’t even be thinking about that sh*t. They the ones making me think about this sh*t, bruh. I ain’t never thought about no colors or nothing, bruh. Y’all motherf*ckers are racist, man.” (Persona Magazine)

In late July, V-Nasty responded to critics slamming her for frequently dropping N-Bombs.

“On some real n*gga sh*t — how I really feel about these motherf*ckers talking about, ‘Why is V-Nasty saying the N-word?’ you motherf*ckers have never walked in my shoes, bruh … Is it a f*cking race? — Am I offending people or using it in a disrespectful type of way? Y’all mad at that? Y’all need to be mad at this album I’m about to drop on y’all a**. You f*ckin’ haters — don’t be mad at me just because I’m doing me.” (Visual Poetry)

Last June, fellow Cali rapper Mistah F.A.B. defended rappers Kreayshawn and V-Nasty over using the term.

“I just wanna say some sh*t to everybody that’s talking about why is Kreayshawn and V-Nasty, the White Girl Mob, saying the word n*gga and all that sh*t,” Mistah F.A.B. said in an interview. “First of all, you motherf*ckers need to wake up. It’s 2011. Nobody gives a f*ck about that sh*t no more. We grew up in the same communities, same neighborhoods. It’s not the same as how people once looked at it. You want to stand up for a cause like that? You’ll let somebody from your own race disrespect you all day, then soon as someone from outside your race — you want to turn into Malcolm X or Martin Luther King.” (We The West)

Recently, newly signed Bad Boy Records rapper Machine Gun Kelly weighed in on the hype.

“It’s a wrap on me using that word,” MGK said in an interview. “Not where I’m from. F*ck that. [laughs] F*ck that. I love my hood stripes. I wear my hood stripes proud. I don’t want them taken from me. Only N-word I’m using is ninja, ninjas, ninjas, ninjas and napalm, nasal spray, narcissist, nipples. Those are the N-words I’m using. Nipple, preferrably, is my favorite N-word. Good question. That’s a good question. That’s a controversial question, that’s a sketchy question…My daughter’s black, too. My whole team, with the exception of one of my managers, is black. It’s a subject you just kinda grow up and respect. I really wouldn’t touch it. I can joke all I want to. I wouldn’t touch that sh*t, though…[V-Nasty] may be good with that. I don’t know her. I know a lot of white people that do use it. I guess they grew up in that type of [environment]. I don’t know. (XXL Mag)

Check out V-Nasty’s video below:

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