Usher’s Mom Didn’t Support Tameka Foster Marriage, “That Wasn’t For Me To Worry About”

Usher’s Mom Didn’t Support Tameka Foster Marriage, “That Wasn’t For Me To Worry About”

R&B singer Usher speaks on his mother, Jonnetta Patton, not fully backing his failed marriage to singer Tameka Foster three years ago in the new issue of VIBE Magazine.

Within his feature, Usher admits he does not fully understand why his mom was not supportive.

“My mother, uh, I guess she has her own reasons,” Usher explained when asked about her lack of support. “But that wasn’t for me to worry about. This is my life, and I think that parents should be able to have unconditional love for their children and their decisions, regardless of how they feel. Of course they may not be necessarily supportive, but it’s not their life. At that point they have to take their hands off. I never questioned my mother’s passion for me; maybe [her] passion for my decision–and that’s obvious. She didn’t show up at my wedding. I was very disappointed. I wouldn’t do that to my child. Me and my mother are very close, and have always been. I couldn’t think of a greater time to show support, ’cause it’s a very hard decision, period, to take that walk.” (VIBE)

Around August 2007, reports claimed Usher’s mother was not present at his wedding.

When Usher and Tameka Foster tied the knot in a simple civil ceremony Aug. 3, there were no white hydrangea centerpieces, no love songs from Robin Thicke, no fancy spreads from celebrity chefs, and – most conspicuously – no mother of the groom, PEOPLE reports in its new issue. A source close to the family confirms that Usher’s mother and former manager, Jonetta Patton, was a no-show at the ceremony, reportedly held in Usher’s lawyer’s office, and she instead chose to spend the day at a spa in Atlanta. (PEOPLE)

Upon getting married to Foster, Usher retired Patton from being his manager.

“I love my mother — she’s the only one I have,” he said, pausing for a moment before continuing. “I decided to not fire, not get rid of, but to give [my mother] the ultimate compliment — to retire her to be a full-time grandmother. My mother and I decided to change her situation, together. There was a conversation. I didn’t write her a letter or pink-slip her.” (MTV)

Usher and Tameka Foster separated in the summer of 2009.

From the beginning it seemed like sentiments were against the marriage between Usher Raymond and Tameka Foster Raymond. She was older than the 20-something-year-old singing sensation whose career has catapulted him into the realm of first name only fame. She was also married at the time they met and already the mother of three children. So news that Usher had filed for divorce from his wife of less than two years has been met with a collective “I told you so” from fans and industry watchers alike. (CNN)

The new VIBE Magazine October/November issue is currently available.

Check out some past Usher footage down below:

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