Usher’s Ex-Wife Claims He Showed “Bogus” Affection Toward Deceased Son

Usher’s Ex-Wife Claims He Showed “Bogus” Affection Toward Deceased Son

Grammy-winning singer Usher’s ex-wife Tameka Foster has reportedly called him out in legal documents and claimed he has faked having real compassion toward his late stepson Kile Glover.

Reports of Foster’s accusations surfaced online Thursday (August 2).

Usher didn’t care about his ex-wife’s dead son … blew off his funeral … and is only PRETENDING to be affected by the tragedy to court sympathy from the media and his fans … this according to the singer’s ex-wife. Tameka Raymond’s lawyer has filed new documents in the couple’s bitter child custody war … slamming Usher … who asked the court to delay the next hearing in light of the death of Tameka’s son, Kile, who was killed in a jet ski accident. In his request, Usher claims he’s worried the hearing would cause “unnecessary stress and strain” for both himself, Tameka and their two minor children “in the immediate wake of this tragedy.” Usher also claims Tameka would get an unfair advantage in the hearing because the court would not want to rule against a woman who is still grieving the death of her son. Usher fears he could lose custody of the children and believes it would be unfair to him. (TMZ)

The singer’s ex specifically pointed out his lack of interest in supporting Glover upon getting placed on life support last month.

But in docs of her own … Tameka’s lawyer claims Usher is full of crap … insisting U’s claims of suffering “stress and strain” are “BOGUS.” In fact, she claims Usher didn’t care about her son at all in his final days — even though Usher regarded him as a son back when they were married. “[Usher] visited Kile in the hospital only once” during his 15 days on life support … Tameka claims. She also claims she had begged Usher to tweet a message about her son, “Please pray for Kile” … but he refused. Instead, Tameka claims, Usher’s next tweet was a photo of his own breakfast with the caption, “Breakfast of Champions.” (TMZ)

Glover was laid to rest last week at an Atlanta funeral.

Family and friends gathered at Wieuca Road Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia, Friday for the funeral service of 11-year-old Kile Glover. Kile was the son of Tameka Foster Raymond and Ryan Glover, and step-son of recording artist Usher. Kile was honored with a video and collection of photos entitled “A Beautiful Mind.” Included in the funeral program, which was a testament to how much Kile loved and was loved by his family, was a postcard sent by him from his iPhone just before the accident: “Hello from paradise, wishing you were here,” Kile wrote. “Our vacation is everything we have hoped for and more. We’re also excited to come home to family and friends.” (News One)

The 11 year-old child passed away days after being declared brain dead from a horrific jet ski accident.

Kile Glover, stepson of singer Usher Raymond and biological child of ex-wife Tameka Foster Raymond, died Saturday morning (July 21), according to Channel 2 Action News. Kile was taken off of life support Saturday morning and died from heart failure according to a family friend, weeks after the 11-year-old was involved in a tragic Jet Ski accident. Kile was declared brain dead two days after the July 6 accident, and the family struggled with the decision to remove him from life support hoping for a turn in his condition. (MTV)

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