Urban Music Awards Shut Down Due To Stabbing, 3 Men Injured

Police Tape

Nearly 48 hours since the United Kingdom’s sixth annual Urban Music Awards was abruptly shut down after a man was stabbed, audience members have come forward to speak on the night’s tragedy.

According to BBC News, a 27 year-old man suffered a critical stab wound at Saturday’s (November 15) ceremony along with two other attendees who were treated for minor injuries at a hospital. During the show’s award presentation, audience members took immediate notice of the injured victim whose blood rubbed against attendees, including an unaware woman.

“Obviously the guy who got stabbed must have run straight past her and she’s pretty shaken up,” attendee Andre Nevling told the BBC. “[She was] covered in blood.”

While London authorities evacuated the O2 arena in London – where the event took place – and arrested the 21-year-old suspect believed to be behind the stabbing, crowd members blame the occurrences on the lack of security.

“Before anything ever happened I commented to my boyfriend, because we live nearby and come here a lot, and we usually get screened coming into the building,” attendee Natalie Williams told the BBC. “Tonight there was nothing.”

Despite the rumored line-up of performers including Estelle, Leona Lewis and Dizzee Rascal, online music guide reviewer Chris Miller was shocked to see the relaxed security concerns.

“Even when we were waiting outside in the press area for stars to arrive, it was a melee,” Miller told the BBC. “The security was so slack.”

An unnamed spokesperson for O2 has confirmed their willingness to work with authorities and alleges security was under control.

“Nothing of this nature has ever taken place in the venue before and all the usual stringent security measures were in place,” the spokesperson said. “We are working closely with the police to understand how this happened. Our thoughts are with the victims of the attack.”

All audience members were reportedly questioned before being allowed to exit the event.

A rep for Estelle has informed SOHH the singer was not present at the showcase.

“Estelle was not at the event,” the rep told SOHH. “That was false advertising by the promoter.”

Calls to the other performers have not been returned at press time.

As of now, the 21-year-old suspect has been released and is expected to return to a South London police station in January.

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