UPDATE: Wu-Tang Twin Baby Names Addressed: “For Those Wondering If We’ve Lost Our Mind…”

UPDATE: Wu-Tang Twin Baby Names Addressed: “For Those Wondering If We’ve Lost Our Mind…”

Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon and Ghostface Killah were the subjects of an Internet hoax this past weekend after having their names allegedly used on newborn babies. #SpellCheck

According to the newest reports, the baby names were just a joke.

Update: It’s a hoax. Here’s the receipts, from Dan Lieberman‘s Facebook: “I got the best father day gift I could get yesterday, but this is a close second. And for those wondering if we’ve lost our mind, this is just a joke but we’ll see how far the internet wants to carry it.” (Gawker)

Rae posted up photos of newborn twins and their alleged birth certificates onto Instagram Sunday (June 15).

“This is live, family named their twins Raekwon & ghostface!!! #wu4thebabies,” (Raekwon’s Instagram)

Ghostface recently acknowledged how much effort and force was needed to keep a veteran hip-hop group together for decades.

“You can’t really get mad at it because look at all the groups you know that was from back then. They replace them with new members and some n*ggas die off. That’s what happens. So, to try to keep this family together, yo, it’s f*ckin” hard,” Ghost said in an interview. “We love each other, but love and business is two different things. You gotta understand. We’re men now. We ain’t coming in on some Fat Albert And The Gang sh*t like we did early on. We got heads on our shoulders now. We got babies. Some of us is grandparents. So, you gotta make sure your foundation is right. Wu-Tang is the foundation.” (Complex News)

A few weeks ago, Raekwon admitted business complications had delayed his involvement on a new Wu project.

“I’m happy. I love the Wu-Tang fans. I love my crew,” Rae said in an interview. “But it’s business. When you got babies, nothing don’t count unless it makes sense for them.” (Shade 45)


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