Update: Witness Says Prime Suspect Is Innocent In T.I. Associate’s Murder



The murder case of rap star T.I.‘s friend and assistant Philiant Johnson took an unexpected turn as the prime suspect’s girlfriend testified he was not at the scene of the May 2006 shoot-out.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Kim Sweeten told a jury today (November 25) that her former boyfriend and the alleged murderer Thomas Hosea had left Club Ritz where a physical altercation took place between the Thomas brothers and Tip’s entourage and returned to their home.

In this new situation, Hosea could not have followed the rapper’s crew down the highway and exchanged gunfire which left Johnson fatally wounded.

“It’s not lucky for him because he didn’t do it,” Sweeten told attorney Seth Tieger during examination. “God works in mysterious ways.”

Despite suspiciously testifying in the final days of the case, Sweeten reportedly found out about Hosea’s murder charge recently while in Atlanta and returned to Ohio when learning about the trial.

As previously reported by SOHH, Hosea’s brother, Padron, who was involved in the shoot-out, stepped forward to testify against him. He now faces no prison time for his in the murder of Johnson.

Tip also testified last Friday (November 21) detailing the events that took between both camps.

According to the Assoicated Press, the rapper told jurors he took cover in a van as it was layered with bullets during a wild vehicle chase.

“We called Phil’s name out, Phil didn’t respond,” Tip said. “[He was] lifeless.”

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