UPDATE: Target Employee Receives Pink Slip, Terminated After Katt Williams Slap

UPDATE: Target Employee Receives Pink Slip, Terminated After Katt Williams Slap

Days after troubled comedian Katt Williams assaulted a Target store employee in California, reports now claim the victim got terminated shortly thereafter.

Details of former Target employee Forrest Liebenberg‘s termination surfaced online Tuesday (December 4).

A Target spokesperson confirms Forrest has been fired from the store … but explains, “His departure was unrelated to the video footage that has appeared online.” The rep adds, “Out of respect for the privacy of this individual, we cannot discuss the reasons for his departure.” After the incident, Forrest told CBS13 he’d been terminated from his job with no explanation — saying, “They weren’t very clear, but it is obvious to me that it was based on this incident.” He added, “Maybe I was a little uninformed about how seriously the situation was with Target, but obviously it is pretty serious.” Forrest says he doesn’t know if Target believes he’s the person who leaked the security footage to TMZ. He also claims he is NOT the leaker. (TMZ)

Leaked footage of the altercation heated up the Internet last weekend.

What did the 5 fingers say to the face? Ask the guy who got PIMP SLAPPED by Katt Williams. Katt wasn’t done after leading cops on a crazy three-wheeled chase through Sacramento on Sunday — because moments later, he hit up a Target … where he belted an employee IN THE FACE … and TMZ has footage of the face-to-hand contact. There’s no audio, so we can’t tell what the argument is about — but by the looks of the employee’s body language before the wallop (placing his hand on his chest) the guy wasn’t looking for a fight. (TMZ)

Coincidentally, Katt announced his retirement from stand-up comedy this week.

“I’m just gonna go ahead and announce my retirement from stand-up,” Williams said in an interview. “I’m kinda done. This is, yeah, I’ve already discussed it with my kids. I wasn’t really gonna do it on a Seattle street, I was gonna go to Los Angeles and do it in the offices of ICM or Live Nation.” (KOMO)

He got into a publicized altercation with a family in Seattle, Washington on Sunday.

Something not so funny is going on with Katt Williams. The actor and stand-up comedian was arrested Sunday after allegedly getting into a bar fight with a family at the World Sports Grille in Seattle. When police arrived on the scene, Williams resisted arrest. The “First Sunday” actor was taken into custody at the King County jail shortly afterward on counts of harassment, assault and obstructing police, though he was released early Monday morning. (New York Daily News)

Check out the Target footage:

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