Update: T.I. Denied Prison Delay, Must Begin Sentence Next Week

Update: T.I. Denied Prison Delay, Must Begin Sentence Next Week

A judge has denied T.I.‘s request for a two-week prison delay and placement in a minimum-security facility located in Georgia.

The decision to keep Tip in an Arkansas prison was made Friday (May 22) afternoon.

Rapper T.I. must report Tuesday (May 26) to a federal prison at Forrest City, Ark., as previously ordered, a federal judge ruled Friday. HIs request was denied by U.S. District Judge Charles A. Pannell Jr. Lawyer Donald F. Samuel said he would continue to ask the federal Bureau of Prisons to re-classify the music star. (WMFB News)

The Atlanta-based emcee reportedly made his request yesterday.

Harris asked a court today to let him remain free while he seeks placement in a minimum-security prison closer to his Atlanta home. He claims prison officials miscalculated his criminal history. His lawyer called a 2003 incident a “scuffle” with a mall cop. A pre-sentencing report says T.I. has a “serious history of violence.” The rapper is scheduled to report by noon Tuesday to the Federal Correction Institution at Forrest City, Arkansas. He was fined $100,000 and sentenced to 366 days for trying to buy machine guns and silencers he said he needed for protection. (Fort Mill Times)

Tip will reportedly serve roughly ten months behind bars.

According to U.S. Attorney’s Office Spokesperson Charysee Alexander, the rapper was indeed given credit for the 305 days of home confinement he served while awaiting trial in the case, but that has nothing to do with his prison sentence. The confusion may have stemmed from mixing the credit for home confinement with the prison sentence, which are separate terms, Alexander said. Once T.I. completes the prison term, he will still have to serve out the remainder of his home confinement, she said, which will amount to about two months. Alexander explained that, at best, according to federal sentencing guidelines, anyone who serves more than one year in prison is eligible for a 15 percent “good time” credit, which in Tip’s case could shave almost 55 days off his sentence. (MTV)

The rapper is currently required to turn himself in next week.

The 28 year-old rapper, whose real name is Clifford J. Harris Jr., will be serving his year-and-one-day sentence at the Forrest City low-security federal prison. Paperwork filed in his federal court case shows he has until noon on May 26 to report for his sentence. Prison officials did not immediately return a call for comment. (USA Today)

T.I. has not yet released a statement regarding the judge’s decision.

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