UPDATE: T-Baby Receives Racist Threats Following ‘Beavis & Butthead’ Episode

UPDATE: T-Baby Receives Racist Threats Following ‘Beavis & Butthead’ Episode

Just weeks after Detroit rapper T-Baby claimed she took pride in her “It’s So Cold In The D’ music video getting parodied on animated MTV show “Beavis & Butthead,” she now reveals the post-show airing’s negative effects.

According to T-Baby, she has become the victim of endless offensive threats.

T-Baby say she’s been receiving racist threats, reports TMZ. The rapper told the gossip site that she’s been getting more than 100 text messages per day, and is even verbally insulted while out in public. “Goodnight n*****, I wish all you f***ers would go back to Africa where you belong not here. Sleep by your window so I can get to you easier,” T-Baby claims one text read. Despite being uneasy over the messages, she says she hasn’t reported them to the police, because she’s “no snitch”. “I feel in a lost situation because I have no one but my son … but I refuse to stop. Only way I can show how I am here to stay is keep doing my thing,” T-Baby said. (Baller Status)

In late November, T-Baby said she shook off the animated duo’s playful televised taunting.

It pays to be zinged by “Beavis & Butt-Head” … at least according to the Detroit rapper who’s been BLOWIN’ UP since the duo featured her music video for the YouTube hit, “It’s So Cold in the D” on their show earlier this month. TMZ spoke with T-Baby — aka Latonya Miles — who tells us she doesn’t mind that B&B cracked some jokes about her on the MTV show … because producers forked over a few THOUSAND dollars to get her permission. T-Baby says, “People have been making fun of me my whole life … so, it’s no big deal because I’m still getting paid from them … so I’m laughin’ all the way to the bank.” T-Baby also says her exposure on the show has given her the “biggest kick off to my career ever.” (TMZ)

Additional reports claimed T-Baby received a few thousand dollars for her “It’s So Cold In The D” appearing in the episode.

MTV paid Miles $4,000 for the rights to use her video in a “Beavis and Butt-Head” episode that aired earlier this month. She’ll also reportedly be paid an additional $4,000 every year the episode airs. Miles also says the exposure from the show has given her rap career a major boost. (My Fox Detroit)

In 2008, the rapper discussed her viral anthem and detailed its true meaning.

“People think I’m playing but (the song) is real,” says the 30-year-old Detroit MC T-Baby, whose real name is LaTonya Myles. T-Baby says the song was inspired by the death of her brother “Mason” who was killed in a Coney Island restaurant in 2006. She says she never expected her track and subsequent video for “It’s So Cold in the D” — which has nearly 575,000 plays via this one YouTube link and has been downloaded thousands of other times on music streaming and ringtone Web sites — to spread so far so fast or to become so misunderstood. “I’m saying how cold it is in the world,” T-Baby says. “How people is cold — killing, robbing. It’s cold out here. People hearts is cold.” (Detroit Metromix)

Check out the “Beavis & Butthead” episode clip below:

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