UPDATE: Suspects Detained In Fatal Shooting At Seattle Hip-Hop Concert

UPDATE: Suspects Detained In Fatal Shooting At Seattle Hip-Hop Concert

Two men have been arrested and questioned in connection to the murder of up-and-coming rapper 29-E at a hip-hop concert in Washington over the weekend.

According to Seattlepi, a Seattle police SWAT team detained both an 18 year-old and 25 year-old for a shooting at the city’s Chop Suey venue which left two men injured and left rapper 29-E fatally wounded.

The first arrest came yesterday (January 4) when the 25 year-old suspect was brought in on suspicion of felony assault while the 18 year-old suspect was placed in King County Jail for assault charges, says police spokesperson Renee Witt.

A friend to one of the wounded men has said members of the hip-hop community, including artists, producers, agents and owners, were reportedly set to meet Sunday night to discuss the frequency of violence in clubs around Seattle.

“They are going to figure out how to handle it,” the source told Seattlepi. “The violence at hip-hop clubs in general. I don’t think it has anything to do with the music.”

Upon interviewing both suspects, one has reportedly been released and is being considered a witness of the event. No information on the names of the suspects has been issued as of today (January 5).

As previously reported by SOHH, a shooting around 12:30 a.m. took place at Chop Suey Sunday morning killing 29-E and injuring the show’s host, 1st Black Prez and Black Senate’s Trama.

Chop Suey, located a few blocks from Seattle University, is renowned as one of the city’s most diverse venues featuring a fusion of hip-hop, R&B, rock, electronic and indi music.

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