UPDATE: Shawn J Dumbs Down Ludacris Beef, “This Is Fun, He Stole From Me, He Played Alotta People”

UPDATE: Shawn J Dumbs Down Ludacris Beef, “This Is Fun, He Stole From Me, He Played Alotta People”

Former Distrubin’ Tha Peace member Shawn J has slightly killed the hype behind his lashing toward Ludacris as of late and said despite going at his head with the new “P*ssy Boy” record, there is no real beef directed toward him.

Hitting up Twitter following yesterday’s “P*ssy Boy” release, Shawn J explained his true motivation for dropping the diss track.

“this ain’t twitter beef.this ain’t beef.this is fun.he stole 4rm me.he played alotta ppl.them he dissed me.this is get byke #poocyboyz,” he tweeted November 25th. (Shawn J’s Twitter)

Shawn J’s record began floating across the Internet early Black Friday.

“You made a song about me, you shouldn’t have did that/You know I know you a p*ssy boy,” Shawn J raps, “Luda, you know I know you a p*ssy — I murdered you on ‘Georgia’ and ‘Satisfaction’/You do numbers but I’m the one that raised the bar — Why did Shawnna leave? Where’s I-20 at? I Hustle & Flow, you played yourself, Cris, you Skinny Black — Left your p*ssy label and then I got right — Redman wannabe, straight a** kisser/Luda you a stripper booty, fake a** n*gga/Oh God d*mn light skinned Lionel Richie looking big mouth bass face a** n*gga/You know how I kick it, you know how I move/You a lame, n*gga, you pop, you my Ja Rule/DTP’s a slave plantation, ei ei o…” (“P*ssy Boy”)

Around mid-November, he accused Luda of going at him on wax.

“I’m pretty sure for a fact he’s talking about me on ‘Say It to My Face.’ That bullsh*t. It’s crazy because I did that. This sh*t don’t hold no weight — Gotta look at it like, when you’re an artist and doing TV or whatever, I’ve been sitting at home before watching BET and seen ‘So What’ ringtone come up on Jamster commercials. And then we weren’t getting them checks,” Shawn said about Field Mob’s 2006 hit. “So it left a sour taste in my mouth. And then it had a whole thing transpire with us anyways…One minute, we were cool as f*ck. I pretty much understood that that’s how DTP rocks. They use you for whatever. When Luda ain’t got no hit songs, they godd*mn milk you for your sh*t and then move onto the next project. That’s exactly what they did. I feel like he a f*ck n*gga. That’s how I feel. I know they whole system, I’ve been around. I’ve seen how other artists got treated just like that. Some real f*ck n*gga sh*t. So I called him a b*tch, a b*tch a** n*gga.” (HHN24/7)

On his “Say It To My Face,” Luda reportedly takes multiple shots at Shawn J.

“You know where I be, you know where I stay I ain’t that hard to find/All up on my D, when the DTP boy you sweeter than a valen…tine How can you call yourself a man boy (man boy) You’s ludacris number one fan boy (fan boy)/Then you left and you’re gone “goodbye” lazy eye dont miss you/Then you signed to a n*gga, who signed to a n*gga, who signed to another n*gga (what the f*ck?)/Smart move, boy you dumb as h*ll/You should take your soul and have a end of the summer sale/But all your records are my theme song (why?) ‘cos am still shopping off your ringtone” (“Say It To My Face”)

Check out Shawn J’s “P*ssy Boy” below:

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