UPDATE: Scott Storch Addresses $100K New York Robbery

UPDATE: Scott Storch Addresses $100K New York Robbery

Miami producer Scott Storch has assured fans he is well and alive after having his life put on the line during a robbery early Tuesday (August 20) in New York City.

While brief with his words, Storch confirmed the reports are true but let people know he is safe.

“Nothing can stop music, thanks to all the fans and support,” Storch tweeted August 20.

“”@TMZ: Scott Storch to Cops: I WAS ROBBED … Gunmen Threatened To Kill Me,,,Thanks, we are all safe and good” (Scott Storch’s Twitter)

Details of the life-or-death situation surfaced online Tuesday afternoon.

Hip hop producer Scott Storch — who’s worked with everyone from Dr. Dre to 50 Cent, Snoop and P!nk — claims he was robbed outside of a NY hotel today … and the gunmen threatened to kill him in the street. TMZ has learned … 39-year-old Storch just filed a police report in NYC, claiming he was leaving the New York Palace hotel on Madison Ave. when he was approached by two men with guns while he was inside a waiting SUV who said, “Give us all your jewelry and cash or you’re dead.” Law enforcement sources tell us Storch handed over a briefcase which contained $4k to $5k in cash … along with several pieces of jewelry, worth around $100,000. (TMZ)

The mega producer is reportedly in the Big Apple to attend the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards ceremony.

The men also demanded the driver of the SUV hand over the keys to the ride so they couldn’t drive away … and the driver complied. Eventually, we’re told the bad guys ran off without opening fire. Storch says he tried to chase after the guys to see where they were headed, but they got away. Storch — who’s in town for the MTV VMAs — went to a nearby police station and filed a report. (TMZ)

Around mid-October, Storch’s lawyer promised he would handle a publicized child support case.

Scott Storch is ready to pay the piper. On Sunday, TMZ reported that a Florida court has ordered that the multiplatinum producer be arrested for failing to pay child support, but his attorney Guy Spiegelman assures MTV News that the debt will be cleared in a matter of days. “We intend to resolve this matter shortly — shortly meaning I anticipate this week,” he told us Monday (October 15). It has been reported that the producer — who crafted such hits as 50 Cent‘s “Candy Shop,” Chris Brown‘s “Run It!” and Terror Squad’s “Lean Back” — owes $28,300 to his child’s mother, and after he missed a court date, a judge issued an arrest order. The warrant is still out, but after Storch pays up, his attorney believes the warrant will be set aside. (MTV)

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