UPDATE: Ruffhouse Records CEO Reacts To Beanie Sigel’s Arrest

UPDATE: Ruffhouse Records CEO Reacts To Beanie Sigel’s Arrest

The CEO of Ruffhouse Records Chris Schwartz has issued an open statement on this morning’s arrest of Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel and vowed to support him during these tough times.

In his statement, Schwartz said the entire label is fully behind Sigel.

“Obviously, we’re very disappointed. However, Beanie has done nothing but display the utmost professionalism in all the initiatives related to the promotion of his new release. Beanie obviously has been struggling with some personal issues, and we continue to support him now and throughout his impending incarceration.” (Statement)

Reports of the arrest landed online early Wednesday (August 29) morning.

In the early-morning hours after his latest album dropped and two weeks before he’s to report to federal prison for failure to pay taxes, state police arrested rapper Beanie Sigel and a friend early this morning on gun and drug charges following a traffic stop on I-95 in Tinicum Township, according to a news release. Around 3:14 a.m., troopers pulled over a Ford Fusion driven by Gerald Andrews of Philadelphia for following another car too closely and swerving out of his lane. According to the news release, the passenger in Andrews’ car was identified as “Dwight E. Grant AKA famous hip hop rapper ‘Beanie Sigel,’ of Philadelphia.” (Philly)

Upon inspection of the vehicle, marijuana and a gun were discovered.

Police say Sigel, 38, whose real name is Dwight Grant, was a passenger in a Ford Fusion that was initally pulled over for driving erratically on I-95 southbound near Exit 8 in Tinicum Township. Upon further inspection, Pennsylvania state troopers found several prescription bottles and a small amount of marijuana on the driver. Sigel was arrested after troopers confiscated more than $4,600, a bottle of codeine syrup with a scratched off label and prescription pills wrapped in plastic bags, according to authorities. Troopers also found a firearm in the center console of the Ford. Both are convicted felons and neither is allowed to possess a gun. (NBC Philadelphia)

Recently, Beans talked to SOHH about his connection to Schwartz.

“This is the first album I’m doing with Chris Schwartz, CEO of Ruffhouse Records. It’s just a great vibe. I was sought out by Chris and he’s a great guy. We got together and told me about the label and how he was getting back into the music. I was at a pont where I wasn’t sure if I was going to record again. I was actually looking for an agent to get into some acting and then I played Chris some music and he said it blew him away. We had a couple meetings, couple discussions, and Chris actually talked me into recording again. Here I am with the new album, This Time.” (SOHH 5 Reasons)

Check out a recent Beanie Sigel interview below:

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