Update: Police Believe Murderer Had Help In The Slaying Of Jennifer Hudson’s Family

Jennifer Hudson


Chicago authorities suspect more than one person was responsible for the deaths of Jennifer Hudson‘s family.
According to the Chicago Tribune, a thorough examination of evidence obtained from the murder scenes where the singer’s mother, brother and nephew were killed suggests that the actions likely required an additional person. 


Continuing to question the case’s prime suspect and brother-in-law to Hudson, William Balfour, police are investigating why his teal Chrysler was parked around the family’s home last Friday (October 24) morning and later discovered nearly a mile close to a Robeson High School. Viewing the building’s security camera footage, authorities confirmed someone was parking the vehicle around noon but were not able to clearly make out an identification.
Additional information shows Balfour’s mobile records placing him on Chicago’s West Side which would mean there would be a high possibility someone removed the car from the family home to the school. 
His girlfriend is reportedly claiming he was at her home on the West Side during the time of the shootings. 
According to the Associated Press, Balfour reportedly told his parole agent he was "babysitting on the West Side" during the horrific event.  He has yet to be formally charged but is being held for violating his probation in a separate case.
Upon receiving the autopsy reports yesterday (October 29) confirming her seven year-old nephew Julian King’s homicide was the result of being shot twice in the head, the Hudson family are planning three upcoming funerals.

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