UPDATE: Nas’ Kidnapped Concert Promoter Says Rapper Won’t Pay In Full

UPDATE: Nas’ Kidnapped Concert Promoter Says Rapper Won’t Pay In Full

The concert promoter that blamed veteran emcee Nas for his kidnapping due to failing to show for a scheduled New Year’s Eve show claims that God’s Son has yet to refund the money he received to perform.

According to promoter Patrick Allocco, Nas still owes him $100,000.

Patrick Allocco, CEO of AllGood Concerts, said in an interview Sunday that he and his son, also named Patrick, are in a hotel in the Luanda capital, but cannot leave the country because of an investigation into the concert. Allocco arranged to have Nas perform a New Year’s concert in Angola, but the rapper never showed. That infuriated local promoter, Henrique “Riquhino” Miguel, who fronted $300,000 for the show, Allocco said. Miguel is insisting Nas return the $300,000 plus $50,000 in expenses before the Alloccos can leave. The Alloccos, ages 51 and 22, are in good spirits but battling dysentery. They have access to a cell phone and have contacted the U.S. Embassy. “When I told the local promoter that the acts had not traveled, he became extremely angry,” Allocco said. Nas has wired $200,000 to Allocco’s attorney, Allocco said. “He is supposed to send another $100,000, but now he is reneging,” Allocco said. (Star-Ledger)

Last week, reports emerged online claiming Nas would return the compensation.

Now, sources close to Nas tell TMZ, the rapper wants to help out, but refuses to shoulder the entirety of the blame. We’re told, Nas and his team DID initially agree to perform the NYE show … but made the decision to call it off due to a “miscommunication” about travel plans. Sources tell us, Nas never intended to keep the money, but his team is unclear about where to send the check. We’re told Nas’ team is currently working on a solution … and intends to help resolve the matter ASAP. One source tells us … “The key is getting Patrick Allocco home safely.” (TMZ)

The Queens native and another act were reportedly paid over $300,000 to hit the stage last weekend.

Nas and his opening act Jemiah Jai were due to perform at a party hosted by Henrique Miguel and they were paid $315,000 for the heavily-promoted gigs, but when both stars missed their flights to Angola, and the show was scrapped, AllGood Entertainment CEO Allocco and his son were allegedly snatched at gunpoint and interrogated for nearly seven hours. (National Ledger)

As the story goes, Nas’ no-show resulted in the concert promoter and his son getting kidnapped.

TMZ reveals that the ‘One Mic’ rapper was reportedly scheduled to perform a New Year’s Eve concert yet his cancellation caused AllGood Entertainment CEO Patrick Allocco and his son to be abducted at gunpoint by hired goons, after local concert impresario Henrique “Riquhino” Miguel shelled out money for the show that was no longer occurring. Patrick Allocco and his son were detained by local authorities and interrogated for seven hours before the U.S. Embassy helped the two. According to the Embassy, Allocco and his son are “in residence” at a local hotel until the monetary issue is settled. (The Boom Box)

Check out some recent Nas footage below:

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