UPDATE: Meek Mill Trashes Cassidy’s Diss: “If You Like Dat S**t, You A Official Clown!”

UPDATE: Meek Mill Trashes Cassidy’s Diss: “If You Like Dat S**t, You A Official Clown!”

Maybach Music Group’s Meek Mill is not sweating Cassidy’s unexpected “Dopest Out” diss record, simply laughing off and clowning his one-time Philadelphia pal.

Rather than take the diss seriously, Meek simply downplayed Cass’ verbal jabs.

“If you like Dat shit …you a official clown! Lol,” Meek tweeted June 8th.

“I bout a mulsanne today….. And you dropped a diss record…. #yacareerover #youwearnavybluedurags #yousmokereggie #youainthotifyabroke” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

On the diss record, Cass opts out of name-dropping Meek but does reference the rapper’s one-time $100,000 battle rap challenge.

“While you was watching Nick at Nite I was pitchin’ getting that chicken right/ Flippin’ white I sold the coke/ I was throwin’ throwin’ yoke like it’s mischief night/ I be with b*tches the b*tches like/ And I be twistin’ that kryptonite/ I don’t hit the pipe but keep weed to twist/ The tree’s get lit like it’s Christmas night/ You might can rap but don’t risk your life/ I ain’t playing around with you/ If we get in the square I’mma end your career/ The most you would last is a round or two/ Cause lyrically you can’t compare to me/ But I ain’t battling voluntarily/ We could come to rap for that 100 stacks/ And then give some of that to charity/ You scared of me…” (“Dopest Out”)

Prior to downplaying it, Meek referenced the rapper in a New York live concert freestyle back in early April.

“I’m a sinner, and Cassidy don’t want to battle me, I ain’t no f*cking beginner,” Meek freestyled. “Let me stop coming at this n*gga/’Cause on stage or off stage…” (YouTube)

Back in February, Mill went at Cass’ head with a freestyle where he referenced his near-fatal 2006 car crash.

“First off nailed your chick, homie, get a blood test/You were upset homie, where the love at,” Meek freestyles. “When we’re talking about Philly, you know I can run that/Same place I been on corners, you can never come back … When you were screaming, ‘Come to my hotel,’ homie we were slinging work out the motel/No scale, I know you so well — Couldn’t be a hundred grand, small tab/This gonna make your dog mad/This verse gonna hit this n*gga harder than the car crash that you should have died in/Man, you survived it, now I came to murder you and have you scuba diving/Swimming with the fishes, all you n*ggas is b*tches.” (Hot 107.9)

Check out Cassidy’s “Dopest Out” diss:

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