UPDATE: Meek Mill Explodes On Cassidy: “Come To Philly, We Can Battle 12 Rounds!”

UPDATE: Meek Mill Explodes On Cassidy: “Come To Philly, We Can Battle 12 Rounds!”

Hours after Cassidy unleashed his “Me, Myself & iPhone” diss record aimed at former comrade Meek Mill, the Maybach Music Group protégé has stepped up with a response.

Rather than ignore the diss, Meek fully acknowledged Cass’ verbal shots.

“Listening 2 this diss….. Ima say cuz you lost ya mind! U really gone up top mentally …… I feel sorry for u! Lol,” he tweeted.

“When me and @CASSIDY_LARSINY was locked in the same jail!!! He was on “PC” protective custody …. I was on the “drama block”#difference”

“He gotta battle @lilsnupe now! Lol”

“Ima let em b great tho! ?”Stroke em condom style” lol”

“Then @CASSIDY_LARSINY u got booked for a body u ain’t do and took a deal on ya co-defendant….. Left him for dead! Halfway telling!” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

Meek turned things up a notch by challenging Cass to throw up $100,000 for a rap battle.

“Aye @CASSIDY_LARSINY bet a 100k tomar come 2 Philly we can battle 12 rounds!” http://lockerz.com/s/270896220 “

“Now we calling ya bluff somebody put it up if he don’t got it.. Ima b waiting…riding thru my old hood in my new whip http://lockerz.com/s/270896649″

“After tomar I don’t wanna hear no more about it…. #mmg #dcr”

“And when beanie siegel was in jail he was never on “PC” so we found out “that was a lie””

“Then we can donate the money 2 the schools they Tryna close ….. Our city need it….lets do it tomar! U don’t even come back home!” (Meek Mill’s Twitter)

On Cass’ new track, he takes multiple swipes at Meek’s image and even taunts him for standing in MMG leader Rick Ross‘ shadow.

“That ain’t nothing new I raised son/I was around when that clown couldn’t even get his braids done/Why he dropped that I’m a boss sh*t?/Cause his boss say he a (Boss) and he just on his boss d*ck/I usually don’t get mad, but I had enough/When he dropped that song amen that was the last from us/He should praise his heavenly father the creator/But yo I gotta go I’mma holla at you later easy.” (“Me, Myself & iPhone”)

Prior to Meek taunting the rapper’s new “Condom Style” safe sex awarness track, the rap veteran said Mill never stepped up for a battle challenge.

“That’s over with. I said I wanted to get it popping and battle, you know, he ain’t respond, he don’t want to do it. So I ain’t gonna keep dwelling over that. It’d be good for hip-hop. It’d be good for everything man. It’d bring some more excitement to the game. Not taking anything away from the dudes that’s rhyming right now, but it’d be beneficial. He don’t wanna do that, you know what I’m saying? You can’t force a man to do something he don’t wanna do so it is what it is. I want at least $100K, but I want to put most of it up for charity. I’ma put it in a lot of different areas.” (Sway’s Universe)

Check out “Me, Myself & I”:

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