Update: Luther Campbell Talks Child Support Arrest, Says Reports Had It All Wrong

Update: Luther Campbell Talks Child Support Arrest, Says Reports Had It All Wrong

Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell has released a statement detailing his arrest for alleged missed child support payments and to clarify newspaper reports that he said had gotten the story all wrong.

In the release, Luke took issue with the story in the Miami Herald and offered his side.

“The story in yesterday’s Miami Herald gives a false impression about my arrest on Tuesday,” the statement reads. “The arrest had nothing to do with ‘allegedly owing’ over ten thousand dollars in a child support case. I have acknowledged that I am the father of the child in question and I am fully up to date on his child support…Rather, I was arrested because I had not paid the lawyer’s fees of this child’s mother. This is a matter of ongoing legal dispute. In December of 2008, the court sided with me in regard to my not paying the legal fees.” (Statement)

He went on to say he was arrested anyway. And the former 2 Live Crew leader was freed early Wednesday (February 18) morning.

Rapper Luther Campbell was out of jail Wednesday morning following his arrest for failing to pay child support. The former 2 Live Crew front man was booked Tuesday night into the Pretrial Detention Center. Campbell had a $10,233.36 cash bond for child support, which meant he had to pay the entire amount in cash before he was allowed to get out of jail. (NBC News)

Upon his release, Luke accused local paper Miami Herald of trying to paint him as an irresponsible father despite reportedly staying on top of his child support payments.

Jennifer Lebovich from the Miami Herald erroneously reported that I went to jail for failure to pay child support when in fact I’m the first person I know of to go to jail for failure to pay attorney’s fees and not child support,” Campbell wrote in a statement. “The matter at issue pertained to attorney’s fees. Please note that my payment of $11,613.10 for actual child support was paid back in October 23, 2008. Therefore, my payment as to child support was and is current.” (All Hip Hop)

Campbell was initially placed in the city’s pretrial detention center Tuesday night.

He can be released if he posts [$10,233.36], according to Janelle Hall, a county jail spokeswoman. Campbell, 48, was booked into Miami Dade’s pretrial detention center at around 6:15 p.m., she said. The arrest stems from a Feb. 6 court order issued by Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Mindy Glazer in a paternity case filed against him by Shakera Morgan, according to court records. (Miami Herald)

Renowned in the South, he is also recognized for his achievements with rap group 2 Live Crew.

Campbell formed the Miami-based quartet in 1987 and they were the centerpiece of a national campaign against allegedly obscene lyrics. He was embroiled in a volatile trial pitting him against then-Florida attorney general Jack Thompson. Campbell later became a solo artist, issuing his own discs as Luke Featuring 2 Live Crew. (All Music)

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