UPDATE: Kanye West Makes Rare Twitter Return: “I’d Like To Address The False Stories”

UPDATE: Kanye West Makes Rare Twitter Return: “I’d Like To Address The False Stories”

Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West has made a rare return to social networking giant Twitter this week to put an end to false reports about declaring himself the heir to late global icon Nelson Mandela.

Mr. West paid his respect to Mandela’s family and denied ever making dishonorable statements about him.

“Respect to Mandela, his family and his legacy.,” Ye tweeted December 9.

“Despite recent media reports, I’ve never said anything to dishonor or trivialize the life or transition of one of the most inspiring leaders”

“I’d like to address the false stories and noise that have been engineered by the media.”

“At a young age my mother taught me the importance of his work. Mandela sacrificed his life for the betterment of mankind.”

“Thank you, Mandela, for your life’s work and may it serve as a guiding light to illuminate our future.” (Kanye West’s Twitter)

A bogus, satirical story posted last week sparked anger toward Kanye.

On Friday (Dec. 6), “The Daily Currant” ran a fake interview with Kanye West saying he thinks he is “the next Nelson Mandela.” The fake and definitely not real interview (the Currant describes itself as “The Global Satirical Newspaper of Record”) included such quotes as “Mandela was working in South Africa, which has, like what, six people? I started my magic here in the USA and then I took my business global” and “I liberate minds with my music. That’s more important than liberating a few people from apartheid or whatever.” Yeah, it was pretty disrespectful. And a lot of people thought it was real. And those same people got really angry … and wanted to put Kanye in prison “to make sure” he’s the next Mandela. Most of them took to Twitter and even linked to the fake and definitely not real article. (Huffington Post)

Along with the readers, various websites picked up the fake story and reported on it.

The spoof remarks – which initially seemed plausible, given that West had likened himself to God, Picasso and Steve Jobs in the past – quickly sparked outrage on Twitter. “Kanye West said he’s gonna be the next Nelson Mandela. Let’s start him off with 27 years in jail,” one follower wrote. “Jusy wanna say f*** you for saying you better than Nelson Mandela[sic],” another added. Two South African websites also misinterpreted the story as real, and reported on it. (The Independent)

Last month, Mr. West felt the wrath of the Internet after being dragged into a bogus paparazzi fight video.

A video went viral Tuesday that appeared to show rapper Kanye West use some sick MMA-style fighting skills to take down two paparazzi. The video was titled “Kanye West Attacks Paparazzi.” The video in question was supposedly taken this weekend in Austin, Texas. But Kanye was in New York City to celebrate Leonardo DiCaprio‘s 39th birthday at night then took a private jet back to LA the next day … Unless he made an overnight side-trip to Austin to brawl in the street with strangers for no apparent reason, it’s not him. Also, there are no “paparazzi” anywhere to be seen. None of the people fighting have cameras, and thus aren’t paparazzi. In fact no one has a camera except the guy filming some guys having a street brawl on his cell phone. And last but not least, Kanye is already in trouble with the law for brawling with a paparazzo outside of LAX last summer and per his lawyer’s advice has been on his best behavior around the paparazzi since. (RumorFix)

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