UPDATE: Kanye West Addresses Delayed Album Reports

UPDATE: Kanye West Addresses Delayed Album Reports

After reports this week claimed Kanye West‘s forthcoming album would be released in late November, the Grammy-winning rapper has come forward to address the speculation.

Writing via Twitter, West said he wasn’t sure when the project would hit retail shelves.

“I’m still contemplating my album date… I’m finished with it but when should I drop?,” West tweeted Wednesday (September 29). (Kanye West’s Twitter)

Yesterday, reports claimed the project would be released on November 22nd.

After a summer full of tweets and free music, Kanye West is finally giving fans what they’ve been waiting for. The platinum-selling rapper has selected an official release date for his much-anticipated new album. Rap-Up.com has learned that Yeezy will drop his still untitled fifth effort on November 22. This is typically one of the biggest release weeks of the year and the Monday before Black Friday when U.S. shoppers flock to stores to get a head start on their holiday shopping. (Rap-Up)

During a Ustream session last month, West said plans for a September album release were a no-go.

Kanye West is taking full advantage of all that technology has to offer. The rapper, who recently joined Twitter, hosted his firstUstream chat today (Aug. 6) from Korea and revealed that his new album will be out “sometime in November.” West also said that his next single — the follow-up to “Power” — will drop in about 20 days, and it’s a toss-up between a track called “Lost in The World” and “All of The Lights.” He played a short snippet of the latter, which features big horns and double-speed drums. (Billboard)

In mid-August, it was announced West’s new offering would arrive November 16th.

November 16. That’s the date that Kanye West’s eagerly awaited new album will hit shelves. Sure, he has taken to the social networking sites to promote himself and his activities. But this is a nice, hard piece of info. November 16. Know it. Live it. Circle it with a Sharpie. Kanye West is back. (Artist Direct)

Check out Kanye West’s new “So Appalled” down below:

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