UPDATE: JoJo Addresses Juelz Goon Attack: “I Count Money, F*ck B*tches & Travel The World” [Video]

UPDATE: JoJo Addresses Juelz Goon Attack: “I Count Money, F*ck B*tches & Travel The World” [Video]

Music newcomer JoJo Simmons has finally stepped forward to provide some clarity in the alleged attack he suffered at the hands of a Juelz Santana affiliate over the weekend and downplayed any real beef existing.

While he would not discuss what really went down, JoJo made sure to let the world know he does not consider himself a thug or violent.

“I mean, I ain’t got no comment towards it. I’m not really into the violence, I’m not really into the thug life sh*t. I’m not gonna sit here and talk about the thug sh*t,” JoJo said in a video. “I grew up a very good kid and all that other sh*t so they can stick to that violent stuff, but me? I’ma stick to getting money. All I’ve been around is money all my life. I ain’t been around all that — gun sh*t, that’s not what I do. What I do is I count money and I f*ck b*tches and I travel the world. That’s all I do. I’m not on that violent sh*t.” (Crave)

Rumors of the alleged confrontation started circulating after a photo leaked online a couple days ago.

OH DAMN! I thought being the son of Run of Run DMC would give somebody in Hip-Hop some sort of protection from the streets. But, no. It is being rumored that one of Juelz Santana’s goon’s took it to JoJo Simmons for their silly beef a few months ago. But, maybe it wasn’t so silly. The dude that did it said the following: “Guess who I caught y’all Lil punk a$$ Jo Jo that made the diss track look at his face when he ace! #facts shouldn’t pop shit if u not bout that life real n***as don’t care who u related too fuck n***a.” So much for being related to Russ or Run. (AHH Rumors)

The attack was allegedly to force JoJo to apologize to Juelz over a diss record he dropped earlier this year.

Update: Welp, we now know who JoJo was on the phone with. Word is Hynief Deebo’ed Young Simmons into calling up Juelz and apologizing for the disrespectful diss record the rapper released earlier this year. (Smoking Section)

After taking offfense to a Santana line off his record “Soft,” Simmons responded with his “Holy Water” diss over the winter.

The oldest son of Rev. Run, JoJo, or Young Simmons, returns to the interwebs today with a new track aimed directly at the head of Juelz Santana. The track, “Holy Water (Juelz Santana Diss)”, finds Mr. Simmonds spitting some barbed bars in which he speaks down on Mr. Santana for slandering his name while giving props to his Uncle, Russell. Man, I don’t know what got into Young Simmons, but he definitely brought the heat on this one. (Stupid Dope)

Check out JoJo Simmons’ interview:

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